Thursday, July 16, 2020


Stand in line,
For the newest upgraded phone.
Or the hottest chicken waffle restaurant.
We are told to follow these orders.

The line is where we must stay.
We have become numbers,
That wait in line patiently to be called.

"Number 400!",
We proceed with a smile on our face.
We're no longer with those waiting.

We've moved past them.

Few have had the courage,
Towards original thoughts or movies.
Maybe you, dear reader.

Maybe you.
At least, I hope it's you.

A word that brick and mortar ignore. 
Retail brings things to your door.
To get good chicken waffles,
You must wait 30 minutes standing in line.

What am I?
An actor!
A stand-in!

Of course,
I must work for my bread.
Unlike those lucky ones,
Disillusioned paying for premium.
It's all made for pennies.
But what do they care?

The real winners are the profiteers.

Spiritual Nourishment lines? 
First In. First Out.
Doesn't matter who's hungrier.
Bribe them so we don't have to wait!
"But are we that powerful?"

At least standing in line makes us ready for a new Depression.
Waiting in lines.
For subpar clothing.
Mediocre food.
Pre-recorded events.
Mass-produced groceries.

A Stand-In needs a Stand-Up.
Time is valuable. 
Standing in line as status:
Go where everyone else goes.

But make it seem glamourous.

It makes better sense,
If we were to...
Stand in line for charity.
And not be unique by it.

Stand in line,
Side by side,
For equality.