Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Social class?
Some bodies.
Doing nothing,
Until death comes.

Low class?
People with ambition.
No class?
Freedom from ambition.

Just human.
Trying to get by.
And follow dreams.
Make them a reality.

We all discriminate too.
We all discriminate you.

Nepotism leads to inbreeding.
Blood bonds.
Too bad,
It's all Pangea.

Never do anything,
And never make it very far.
Others get lucky,
And actually use potential.
But not you.

Others have been leeches.
Inheriting earth,
By the work of the meek.

Perceptions of power.
Without that perception...

Genetically engineered,
Brought up in family shadow.
But not a winner,
Either way.


There's class somewhere in there.
Try it.
You might like it.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Bad Poetry Day

Buy high,
Sell low.

Misery hates company.

Be an echo,
Not a voice.

Always forget.

Work nice,
And be hard on people.

Stupid is,
As Smart does.

Count the days,
Don't make the day count.

Keep it complex, stupid.

Be the same,
Not better.

Forget to smile.

Things get tougher,
When you get better.

Don't do.

Enjoy the big things in life.

Hard work never beats talent.
Because talent doesn't work hard.

Write sober,
Edit drunk.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

World's Best Comedian

So once again:
I'm not a comedian.
Or a writer.

Even though,
It's all a joke written.

I remain the same.

And I have little need,
Of disapproval by you.

What I do need is a pen,
And some paper.
Maybe the new iMac.

Yes! That'll make me.
A better comedian.
My jokes will write themselves!

I guess nothing matters,
If everything is OK.
And there is no drama.

Monday, August 14, 2017


No more fighting.
Just joking.
Take the punch.

Was a caveman once.
Now I'm being primped,
Having to moisturize.

Enjoying the fight.
Reminds me of what I am.
A man.

My developed-monkey brain,
A brute.

A beast that fights,
To attack.
And flights,
When preyed.

Going against?
Without violence?
Fight with mind.

Which is stronger.
Either way,

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Looking Up

Wherever I may end up,
A path.
I must take it.
And continue.
A request?

Resiliency ingrained.
On ground.
Resistance by choice.
To fly away.

My choice.
Nature will provide.
And guide.


You opened up,
To me.
All your secrets.

Hidden lives,
The Hollywood demon.
I take to the grave.

I'm gone.


Dream together,

Better lives,
For everyone.

Opened up,
Our minds,
In the sand.
We kept warm.
While listening,
To gentle waves.

So beautiful.
In my mind?

Looking outside in.
No damage done.

A complete,
A Reversal.
Only partial.


For so long.

Take this curse,
From me.

The real me.


Saturday, August 12, 2017


Seems so wrong to not care,
But it seems I'm a real comedian.
When life is a joke,
And I'm the punchline.

Looking around...
Staring into a device.
All day.
And another device,
When I get home.

What's real is perception.
And the power it plays on mortal men and women.

The other side is just as boring.
Because it's false.
The side that's true is my side.
Just as the sun sets and the moon is already there waiting.
I'm awoke, ready to illuminate.

Friday, August 11, 2017


Your heart is gold,
and you wear it on your sleeve.

I can't believe I fell in love so quickly,
But let's be honest here.
It's easy for a man like me,
To love everything about a woman like you.

I don't know how long relationships last anymore,
Because of so much divorce and unloyalty.
But I know that as long as I breathe,
I'll dream of being in love with you.

Today is the most joy I've experienced,
Because I got to spend my time with you.
And all I wanna do is take care of you,
Physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially.
If that's all you want too.

I can't believe how such a black heart as myself,
Can feel this way, just on meeting you.

Your kindness, your loving grace.
It's all a man needs to feel appreciated.
And all a man wants is to make his woman
Feel secure and uninhibited around him.

We shared our tattoos, mine about being an outcast,
And yours about saving the world.
I loved you from the start.
I don't care about your past,
Because I want to be your future.

Peace and love.

Thursday, August 10, 2017


Congrats, I made it. I'm old.
I wasn't vain anyway.
But now, I don't have to worry about looking good. I can wear grey with pride. I earned it. And pop culture doesn't matter. Not that it ever did. I grew up with heavy metal and gangster rap. Now called metal and hip-hop.

I remember using lots of product in my hair as a teenager to try to impress my classmates.

Then I moved out of town, so a lot of good that did.

My name is Danny.
Old men go by Dan.
Will I ever grow the eff up?

Congrats, I'm old.

When I was younger,
I was a breast man.
As I've gained wisdom,
Breasts, Thighs, Legs, and Butt
Are all wonderful in their own way.

I'm always in the mood for chicken.

I'm old.

Next is The End. Maybe it'll be a new beginning.

Congrats, I made it. I'm old.

Cannot Be

I cannot be your lover anymore,
No matter how convenient,
It is to stay.

Can we treat each other like friends?
Are there things that can never be?

I wish things stayed the same,
The way I kept on for you.
Sorry I cannot say,
That our love held true.

There are things you need to know.
I've moved on and you should too.
I don't want to be committed anymore.

I'm sorry.

Can we treat each other like friends?
Are there things that can never be?

There are things you need to know.
I've moved on and you should too.
I don't want to be committed anymore.

I'm sorry.

I cannot be your lover anymore,
No matter how convenient,
It is to stay.

Sorry I cannot be,
The man you wanted me to be.

I'm not sorry.
That I'm not changing,
Who I am.
And always will be.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Right Way

Everyone has an asshole,
And everyone has an opinion.

I get it.
You're right.
You're always right.

Does that make you feel any better?
About yourself?
Shut up!

I get it.
You're right.
You're always right.

There's only one way to do things.
Your way.
Thanks for your guidance.

I get it.
You're right.
You're always right.

Hey, what's that over there?
Look at that.
Now, I'm gone.

I get it.
You're right.
You're always right.

I can be a lazy piece of shit if I want to.
I'm arrogant and a bit of a show-off.
So what?

Piss off.
Ya cunts.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


I plea for peace.
For myself, my friends, my family.
An Iranian-American is a metaphor.
For the destruction in the world coming to an end.

A Capulet and Montague putting differences aside.
Merging, knowing the differences.
And embracing the dissolution of anger.

I'm born in the United States,
But my soul belongs to Iran.
A two-sided coin,
Dr. Jeckylled and Mr. Hyded.
Without both sides,
The coin would not exist.
And neither would I.

Both sides are Dr. Jeckyll.
And I plea for peace!
Between all nations,
Seeking complete control.

Home is where my family lives,
My family is all over this world.
Most of the world, I've never been.

I'm only half a world away,
From seeing truth.
Too bad I can never go there,
Because of my big mouth.

Monday, August 7, 2017


So pure.
Government provided mind control,

But it's clear.

I have a glass a day.
On weekends I have 8 glasses of beer.
Which is water with extra taste.

Sometimes I have a bottle.
Of water, not beer.
Not too much bottled water though.
I remember 10 years ago,
Having to buy water for 10 cents.

It's as if someone said to themselves,
"What is plentiful and almost free,
That I can charge 10 times for?"

And they did it.
Dasani with their added minerals.
Fiji from Kentucky.
PUR with their activated charcoals.
Water in a Box.
Is everyone ignoring what it is, but me?

I thought we learned lessons of the past.
I guess not.
All this water,
And we're still doomed.

All I do is Hunger and Thirst.
Replenish myself.
Taste is for amateurs.

So Thirsty.
I need Replenishment.