Monday, October 8, 2018

Luck of the Irish

The soul is in thru the eyes.
A loving soul I've seen with mine.

As we ate and drank and stayed merry,
Her attention left our side,
As a dog was walked by.
I pointed it out.
She blushed her gorgeous cheeks,
Light red.
I'm in heaven,
I breathed.

We went for a stroll,
With our city.
There were turtles.

She cares for animals.
What a woman she is.
Her heat radiates,
From her big heart.

She's so loving,
I feel at peace.
Not tormented anymore.

I fell almost immediately.
Her loving soul reached out,
And passed into mine.
I felt love.
How good it felt.
To be alive.

I got lucky,
To have this day.
A beautiful soul connected,
To me.
I can't let go,
Of this goodness.
I'm addicted to good fortune.

In her.