Monday, January 3, 2022


You're beautiful to me

I like your face

I think about you a lot

You're a wonderful woman

I think you're very hot

Let's go see Killer Klowns from Outer Space

It's your favorite horror movie

Because I wanna take you to a midnight screening

You hate flying?

Oh wow cause I love to fly

But either way it doesn't matter

Cause I love you no matter what

You keep me motivated

Can't wait to spend time with you

Spooning of Spoons

Someday a jetpack

I love your humour

100% loyally yours

How much I care

So much more than I let on

I love you

Your laugh is something I always wanna hear

If you are the moon I'm lunar

I wanna touch your rear

Let's talk music, films, music and kiss

All night long

It's your sweetness that I seem to always miss

I see you and I hear a song

You're so sweet

And caring

It's nice to know that you're around

Don't Do What I Did

I pissed away the prime of my life
because I was working for punkass corporations
that didn't care about me

They bought me with trinkets instead of true independence
And I'm angry about it now
More fire than ever
To make it on my own

I'm only working with punks from now on
I will still work with corporations
But never for corporations

Selling out only on my own terms
I'll be hook and the worms

Contracts signed
I write the book I make the words

No more belief
No more sheep
An independent
Without the herds

Lots more money
I sleep better at night
Because I do it my way
Making value

All of us
Deserve better
All of us
Should feel like royalty

I do this for myself
And I do it for my family
If a schmuck like me can do it
So can you