Friday, September 3, 2010

Tank Girl

I want you to love me
and share your life with me.
You're the one
I want, my lady.

I have you and you are mine.
Spending time,
laughing, crying,
and love-making.

Your happiness is mine.
In my arms, ever more.
In your heart, blossoming
My heart,
is only yours.
But you'd never want it.

A Tank Girl.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


29 years ago this day
You were born

Some men get their women
cards and flowers
Some men get their women
nothing at all
The right men get their women
the greatest gift of all.

To be in your life
Every moment.

At the mall while you shop
When you eat dinner
At the movies with your friends
Coming by your work unexpectedly
Watching you in the shower
Watching you while you sleep
Listening to your phone calls
Checking your emails and more.

May all your wishes come true
My sweet baby
So a very happy birthday to you.

Please take the restraining order off
So we can be together again.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Run-on Amy

All your ways to spoil my indulgences and
Me and
You are really neat.

Wild at heart and sweet
to the bone you are and I find I am.
You bring it out of me.
No other has done
this ever. And deserving it so.

I barely know
You and me understand each
other people never understand
that I'm a romantic inside

of you, happiness rushes in
to my mind. Your style so
tempting and wonderful in
so many ways.

All this affection and attention
brought out by three thoughtless words:

Bat Shit Crazy.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Iranian girl

Marry an Iranian girl,
A mother says to her son.
They will be good to you.
She always said.

Go out and find her,
A nice Iranian girl.

Son went through an Iranian drought,
Where he searched but could not find,
An Iranian girl he liked.

Eventually mother says to son,
Marry any girl.
As long as she makes you happy.

Thank you mom,
For accepting me.
No matter what,
Or who I'm with.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Love means

Love means that one of us will watch the other one die.
Saying I love you one time means that we will be together forever,
Separated only by death for only a little while,
As we meet again in the afterlife.

Real love is mortality.
It means that we will have to cry on a grave,
A feeling so strong that it hurts to know that we are apart,
Whether it be days, months, years, or even a fraction of a moment.
Real love is forever.


The home is no longer
Home, Sweet, Home smelling.
It stinks.

Home, Sweet, Home.
I miss having your breathe on me.
Your touch too.
Things I took for granted.

Its truly sad to realize
That happiness was so close
When it's now so far away.

Hopefully only right now,
You will change your mind.
Sooner than later.
Though I can't be sure.

The home is no longer
Home, Sweet, Home smelling.
Unless you are here with me.

Your love lingers with its scent.
Haunting my dreams infinitely.
In our Home, Sweet,
That we cherished each other.

You are my home,
And I am homeless without you.
Please come back soon.

The home is no longer
Home, Sweet, Home smelling.


Meet the most
Wonderful woman
I've ever known
In my life.

She is perfect
For me in
Every way I see her.

She is most beautiful
To me.

She is sweet
And I am too.
Our lives are together
Where she goes, I go.

I was not looking for love
But she found me.
I fought it for so long
But now she sets me free.

The sweetest love
For us.


You are beautiful
the wild Latin woman.

You are the fire
You are the flame
To My true desires.
I am your servant.


I got oil.
Because I want you all oiled up.
I is.

Sexy woman.
My Latin Lover.
I got you in my mind.

I'm ready to go.
If you are.
Maybe I can be more persuasive.

I wait to use oil on you.
To my dreams.
I go to sleep with or without you.


After years of toughness
You decided I hurt you
More than loved.

I never said "I love you."
Because I didn't want to fuck
things up with you.

I wanted to make sure,
I was planning on it.
Either one day or one night.

But you left me before I could
Tell you the truth.

You said 5 years for me to learn
to live with you.
I see now where your patience
runs out.

I'm still surprised you
Have been so great to me
I knew you were good
But never hinted at you
Being great.

If there is nothing that you know,
Know this:

You may not know what to do
Or when to do it,
Or have a clue right now,
But every moment of my life
With you has been the happiest times
Of my life
And I will always give you my heart
If it pleases you.

We have issues to work on
And I'm completely ashamed
Of myself for it,
But I'm happy that we care about
Each other
Enough to be sensible about them.

That is why I am trying so hard
To produce fresh thoughts,
And I promise to always
Be by your side,
Never to mock you because
I desire your happiness
More than anyone's
In the world.

Loppy ears

Her hair
Her forehead
Her eyes
Her sculpted bushy eyebrows
Her long, very long eyelashes
Her straight, small nose
Her sweet lips
Her sweet cheeks
Her loppy ears
Her soft neck
Her collarbones
Her shoulders
Her beautiful breasts
Her big, round nipples
Her chubby arms
Her small wrists
Her hands
Her fingers
Her fingernails
Her backside
Her potbelly
Her small, tight ass
Her sweet tasting pussy
Her long legs
Her long thighs
Her bony ankles
Her tiny feet
Her little toes.

From head to toe.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stand for Something

This symbol is for truth,
yet still I'm searching.
The future is unknown,
Yet I still stand for something.

Though the journey does not stop,
I'd give it all up for just a taste.
A loving charm of a sweetened faith,
even if inside it I blissfully waste.

Am a voice
Have nothing to say.

Am a leader.
Throw it all away.

Go against you.
I against the established.
But I live here too.

Stand for something,

Basic rights?

Is there more than this?
I wonder.

Friday, February 26, 2010


I asked for a divorce.
I was wrong.
I beg your forgiveness
Because I was wrong.

My Queen, you have such a big heart.
I promise not to make you sad
Ever again.

Our divorce shows
What a jerk I have been
And that our communication
Is not perfect.

Though we are,
The perfect couple.

I hope you read this,
and understand
I know what I did
And I am sorry.

I want to stay married.
To you.
And work on me,
You work on you.

But I love you,
No matter how
perfect you are.
and I'll stick by you,
thru thick and thin.

I'm a man of my word.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Who are you
With those spiky earrings?
I want to get to
Know you.

I like your wavy hair
And your sweet stare

I like how you twirl
you Bic pen.

You have such a cute face.

Where do you come from?
Where are you going?
Are you willing to get to know me?
Can I buy you a drink?
Coffee or wine?
This is for a good time.

Mysterious blonde
Woman to my right.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I might have had a drink
or three.
But only one
after another
After another.

And let me buy
A round
For the guy next to me.
He deserves it
I'm sure.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


With one word
She can make my
Problems go away.
I can fight
The good fight.

But she can ruin my
Life with just a few
Words too.

She is more powerful
Than me.
And I am powerless
Without her.

Monday, February 15, 2010


She smiles.
We lock eyes.
She is absorbed
Into her happiness.
Which makes me too.

The green turtle,
A golden opportunity.
She has mysterious eyes,
And I am curious.

Her innocence is alive,
and well.
But she is not a child.
A woman.
Who pulsates
My primal desires.


I like blue
It makes me happy
To be so blue.
Blue makes me sleep,
Blue is so very true.
Blue to me,
Blue to you.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Work in progress

Into the warriors eyes
There is much guilt and regret.
Though he has been trained
As only a killer of men

He mourns his former lover.
He does not win his fights
Because of sheer talent and strength.
He wins because he has nothing to lose

He rapes, he hurts, he destroys
Entire villages
With one mighty slash of his sword
Death runs in his, our veins.

And he, nor I
Do not falter among mortal men.
That is our history
My ancestry, Our legacy.

Gods among Kings
Gods among Men
Cower down as you hear the rumble
Of a legion of
Barbarianism that runs thru my blood.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

First Date

I played billiards at 18,
Thinking I was the hotshot and a hustler.
You were a younger girl
With me for everything I had.

My car.
My drugs.
My money.
But I didn't mind at the time.

I spent our first date
Using a credit card.
It was my first time.

I never got a kiss
But I stole your friend's Digger hat.
I was being dumb.


Woman in distress.
I roll around
She flags me down
Her and her friend in need.

They are out of gasoline
"No problem" I say,
"Hop in my truck
There's a station near."

I drop them off
At their vehicle.
They start it right up
And off we go our separate ways.

Later, I find out my sister
Hates her.
What was her name?
I was seventeen.
She was sixteen.

Girl with braces. And short.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Blue Mondays

The most depressing day is when I must keep hurting myself,

When all I get is hurt.

I can't remember the last time

I laughed or the first time I smiled.

It's the most depressing day of my life and I'm not fine.

I can't go on

Like the rest.

This earth is full of blood.

It has no use for bleeding.

I have no use for myself.

I hate myself today.

I wish I would not live.

I think of all my pain.

I wish it could end.

Sunday, January 17, 2010





I am of the Earth, the Universe

I am of the Earth
The river
I flow into the lakes
I am an ocean.

I am a step of the world
One step forward, sometimes two steps back.
I am a star, and I am the Sun.
The Earth needs a mother and father.
I am not just an ordinary moon.
I am the galaxy.

I am
I am
I am
Sometimes I am not.
But I am what I am,
And I cannot change it.

I am a man. A part of the Earth.
A part of the Universe.


You think you know me, but do you really?
Am I the same when near you and others?
Do you think the desire is fresh without you?
You've been in love with yourself,
And I've been asleep.

This relation is a relief to be relieved.
It was unhealthy.
Why we stayed is because we loved junk food.
We is no longer you and me.

I laughed but inside I cried.
The reality is that.
Our failed attempt at love,
Was ambiguous in the depth of its union.