Thursday, June 23, 2022

Papa's Blues

I want it all
I want everything
I deserve everything

Nobody has the right to go against me
Or defy me

You piece of shit
You talk too much
You are an emotional child
You are a liar

You are wrong
Always no good
Always wrong!

Family is everything
Trouble calls
And I run to save them

It's all I have

Without them
They tell me I'm nothing
I believe them

The truth is
I don't believe them though.

I hate them
They keep me down
They all lie
They've kept me down
My entire life
But for some reason I still love them
Truth is
I'm fucked up
Beyond belief
Because of their

They've hurt me
But I can't get away
I'm stuck
I can't get out
Everyone else has lives to lead
Since I never did anything
I'm stuck taking care of the family
That hurt me

I don't deserve this
I don't deserve anything
I don't deserve anybody

I didn't want any of this
I don't want YOU
I don't want anything.