Monday, August 8, 2022

Aged Like Milk

I'm old

An old man

Old Man Dan now

No longer full of spitfire I am?


Nap-time in the afternoons, sure

I don't push to become a sprawling success

I didn't work like a dog to become one either

Dogs like naps in the afternoons

Mostly, I feel bad for those that did bark and bite all day

And still didn't get anywhere out of the doghouse or rat-race

Compared to simple animals - barely a brain among them

Hard times to put all that energy into nothing

For a slim to none chance at making the headlines

At least I've seen past the bullshit that is advertising

"American Dream"

"Work Hard Play Hard"

"Do it For the Culture"

"40 Hours a Week"

"Real Men Put in Work"

There's this macho mentality that working til death is a good thing

I guess I'm not 'man enough' to die

Oh wait, I have a penis

I guess I am 'man enough' to tell those people they have no lives to lead anyway

But guess what? I do

I'm nice, just not to those that live as cavemen and Neanderthals

I know what I have to do

I know what I have to feel

I know what I have to take

That power and throw it back at them

And it's because I'm 40 years old

And I'm still mad

I still have anger coursing thru me

It'll never go away

And I still have to deal with everybody and their moron dad

Being idiots in the workplace

I'm not putting up with bullshit

I see old-school values held onto

As if there's really value in traditional

Except hypothetically

And historically

I have to tear it all down and destroy it all

And I have to do it because I have to fight

One man versus everybody

Because I am angry and I am all the time irritated

I don't know anybody that isn't in pain regularly

Yet, all I hear is low-key complaining

As I'm doing right now.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Papa's Blues

I want it all
I want everything
I deserve everything

Nobody has the right to go against me
Or defy me

You piece of shit
You talk too much
You are an emotional child
You are a liar

You are wrong
Always no good
Always wrong!

Family is everything
Trouble calls
And I run to save them

It's all I have

Without them
They tell me I'm nothing
I believe them

The truth is
I don't believe them though.

I hate them
They keep me down
They all lie
They've kept me down
My entire life
But for some reason I still love them
Truth is
I'm fucked up
Beyond belief
Because of their

They've hurt me
But I can't get away
I'm stuck
I can't get out
Everyone else has lives to lead
Since I never did anything
I'm stuck taking care of the family
That hurt me

I don't deserve this
I don't deserve anything
I don't deserve anybody

I didn't want any of this
I don't want YOU
I don't want anything.

Friday, May 13, 2022


When I see you
I see myself

That warms my heart
You're me

When I see you
My ancestry took over

So what did you get from her?
I don't know

Maybe you'll get her heart
I'll know this

When I see you care
Show your nurturing self

When you sacrifice
For them

I know you're me

Expect nothing in return
You're her

When I'll know you are her
Is when you get quiet

Not sharing your feelings
Because you know

They'll hurt

Even though we need to
Know the truth

Know we are not all kind
Know we are selfish

Then I'll know
There's hope for you

I hope I see you

And grow

Wednesday, April 20, 2022


Everyone stays inside

But must go outside

On popular streets to protest

About how horrible things are

Things change only when people go outside

And yell for support

It's the only way


Those in office are responsible for the change

Us people are fed up they aren't doing right

They are appointed by us

To do what's right

We're letdown by their actions

How can we keep those in office

Who's interests are mainly their own?

It's as if we can't voice opinion

Or make changes

Without running for office ourselves

So go outside

Grab your signs

Let's go tell how it really is

Not later, not tomorrow


For our future

Monday, January 3, 2022


You're beautiful to me

I like your face

I think about you a lot

You're a wonderful woman

I think you're very hot

Let's go see Killer Klowns from Outer Space

It's your favorite horror movie

Because I wanna take you to a midnight screening

You hate flying?

Oh wow cause I love to fly

But either way it doesn't matter

Cause I love you no matter what

You keep me motivated

Can't wait to spend time with you

Spooning of Spoons

Someday a jetpack

I love your humour

100% loyally yours

How much I care

So much more than I let on

I love you

Your laugh is something I always wanna hear

If you are the moon I'm lunar

I wanna touch your rear

Let's talk music, films, music and kiss

All night long

It's your sweetness that I seem to always miss

I see you and I hear a song

You're so sweet

And caring

It's nice to know that you're around

Don't Do What I Did

I pissed away the prime of my life
because I was working for punkass corporations
that didn't care about me

They bought me with trinkets instead of true independence
And I'm angry about it now
More fire than ever
To make it on my own

I'm only working with punks from now on
I will still work with corporations
But never for corporations

Selling out only on my own terms
I'll be hook and the worms

Contracts signed
I write the book I make the words

No more belief
No more sheep
An independent
Without the herds

Lots more money
I sleep better at night
Because I do it my way
Making value

All of us
Deserve better
All of us
Should feel like royalty

I do this for myself
And I do it for my family
If a schmuck like me can do it
So can you

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Cause That's What I'm After (if only)

If only I'd fix my hair up a little more

So I could be pretty for once

Cause that's what I'm after

So I could be noticed more

If only my belt and clothing was more styled

I'd be more liked

Cause that's what I'm after

One day I just might

If only I got rid of those damn rugs

More love would I get

Cause that's what I'm after

Then I'd be set


If only I grated blocks of Parmesan cheese

I'd develop real taste

Cause that's what I'm after

Since store-bought isn't for winners

If only my apartment had more room

There'd be peace in the world

Cause that's what I'm after

Even though I have no peace in my heart

If only I were closer to my friends

And saw them in person all the time

Cause that's what I'm after

Everyone is online and has been for a while now


If only I had a car

Because all the greats owned a vehicle

Cause that's what I'm after

To drive aimlessly around the city

If only I hated heavy metal

Since only pop music is important

Cause being popular matters

At least that's what Redditors say


If only I wouldn't criticize you

And only criticized myself

Everything I am

Is just a My Little Pony sock


If only I hated myself more

And didn't hate so hard

It was me and my family's upbringing that ruined me

I'd get so far

If only I wasn't friends with my exes

Because once it's over we can't be in each other's lives

Cause that's what I'm after

Unless there's a baby involved

Then I have no choice


Sunday, October 10, 2021

Motion of Emotions

This is what it's like
No one is really right
Thinking there’s answers
That there's purpose

Now that you know it
I’m sure that you want it
And its lies that come along
Who do you think you are?

A prophet?

Why do you lie?
Lies made of pain
After this where will you go?
Back to one and then you're done

I'll make sure
Everyone gets what they deserve
Let me in
And you'll find yourself

You've only let out
Yourself to me

Smoked mirrors and copies
But I see you
The real failure
What you really are

A lost soul

A darkness carried
Sadistic, scarred
I'm calling you
So answer me

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Speak Fast Take Forever to Die

To pay the mortgage I sing, produce, write, direct and act

As well as labor and data entry

Born rich in mind and I like to speak fast

Learned I could do poetry as an attack

Older now so positivism is in my raps

At 2PM I like to take myself two hour naps

I take good care of myself and loved one's health

Instead of going after imaginary power and wealth

Main goal in life is to be my best me

To strengthen the family tree

To spread peace

Revolutionary ideals

To make my family meals

I spin what good life is considered

By putting the car back on the wheels

Driving like a model citizen

Look people in the eyes

Not be afraid

And fight for what's right

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Baby and a Girl

I think about you so much

You're part me 

I look at you and think

You're just a baby

And a girl

You have such a laugh

That I almost cry every time I hear it

It's so obvious you're so smart

I'm so proud to be your dad

You make me laugh and you make me cry

All at the same time

You make me feel incomplete 

When you're away

I think about you often

And I hope that you're at the least okay

You're growing so fast

I don't want you to

But I have to let it happen

You have to be you

I hope you'll be proud of me too

And call me Dad

I wish you the best in life

I wish you peace and joy

Such simple wishes

But I wish them the hardest 

For you

You're growing so fast

Friday, March 5, 2021

All Birds are Regular

A featherless bird.
Now that's absurd!

What about a Hummingbird?
That's a regular.

A duck?
A bird that's a quacker.

New flying dinosaurs.

The word regular,
I shake my head. 
Nothing is.
All birds are regular,
Even the peacock.

Flying is preferred,
Except those irregular.

Dedicated to DS Draeko.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Blue Blood

I bled today.
I forgot how much it hurts.
​I felt real again.

It didn't seem like reality,

My life sprayed out beneath.
And I was me.

It was nice,
To bleed.

​I finally broke,
My machine.

I can build back up,
And be the same monstrosity I was.​
Maybe I can become better this time.
Who knows?

I hope.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Death Star (A song I made up while watching a movie)

The Death Star is coming!

Your world is going to die.

Your world is dead. Your world is dead.

Dead! Dead! DEAD!

What is this?

Here comes...




(Those Rebel scum!)


Death Star: Beams engage.

Death Star: guidance on lock!

Those Rebel scum! 


Attack! ATTACK!

What is this?

Here comes...




(Those Rebel scum!)

Saving the Universe from evil Sith.

Luke is determined.

Leia is a leader.

Chewie is an Honorary Jedi.


Death Star: Malfunctioning.

Death Star: Corrupted core.

Death Star: Exploding!

Friday, November 13, 2020


The chatter on the internet waves,
Bickering over angry emotions.
Memes that are more funny than they should be,
A sense of loss among ourselves.
And all it takes is self-control to see and observe,
That the whole system is flawed.

I don't care,
Who hears this.
I don't care who knows this.
But I hope it's everyone.
If I'm the survivor and not the savior,
I can finally lay down my sword.

As long as they put theirs down first.

Let's face it:
Politics is for comfortable ones right now.
We, the true people,
The ones who have been misunderstood,
Or oppressed,
Or not being taken as first-class citizens,
We need to change it by actually running.

Not running from anything.
I'm talking about winning office.
AND then not corrupting.

Like the higher authorities who do very little,
Except make an appearance on TV,
They continue to play the game.
Instead of destroying it.
From the foundation up.

Because greed is villainous.
I know who I'd trust with power,
And it's not them.

There are a few good ones out there,
These are the local politicians, mostly.
But they have little power to give.
The TRUE antagonists,
Have big power to take,
As they won't surrender willingly.
They'd rather we all be in home prisons,
And few.

I wonder why the poorest don't rob the richest every single night?
Until equilibrium.

That only seems fair.

My gripe is the job of holding office is too prestigious.
The ones that run for high office have stars in their eyes,
And trust me,
I know a lot by the entertainment industry who actually loves what they do,
And who forgot what brought them into it in the first place.

So I ask you to ask yourself:
What are you doing that is actually making a difference?
Is it really stepping into the shoes of those that make a difference,
For a spotlight moment or two?

I know what I do is barely anything.
At least it feels that way.
I can study and ace political science, history.
I can realize the power in myself.
How the few take care of the many.
How I'm taken care of,
How you're taken care of.
How I'm number 2 and you're number 2,
Or I'm number 3 and you're number 4.
Or I'm zero and you're number 1.
How neither of us is given personal care.
How nobody is special and everyone is similar.
How afraid we've been told,
To be of taking care of ourselves,
And not to be personal with everyone.
To stop talking politics, religion, and sex.

Without further adieu,
I'm independent of any representative system.
I'm independent of any belief except my own.
I think about sex a lot.

Saturday, August 1, 2020


I want more time.

I want to keep making art.

I want to get better at it.

I want to not have to think about eating because I'm hungry.

I want relationships to be easier.

I want to have more energy as I age.

I want to let little things slide more.

I want to be more honest.

I want to be unapologetic about how I am.

I don't want to have anxiety in groups.

I want to have the option of not seeing advertising.

I want to stay a cityboy but still hold onto old-world values.

I want to spend more time creating.

I want to be a professional wrestler for a day.

I want less politics in the news.

I want less tribes and more unity.

I want writing to be read.

I want more people to work less hours.

I want more people to be able to spend time with the ones they love.

I want to go to space sooner than later.

I want to explore the universe.

I want to make friends with every species there is.

I want the dead to hear me.

I want to bring back the extinct.

I want a Utopia.

I want others to be okay with that.

Thursday, July 16, 2020


Stand in line,
For the newest upgraded phone.
Or the hottest chicken waffle restaurant.
We are told to follow these orders.

The line is where we must stay.
We have become numbers,
That wait in line patiently to be called.

"Number 400!",
We proceed with a smile on our face.
We're no longer with those waiting.

We've moved past them.

Few have had the courage,
Towards original thoughts or movies.
Maybe you, dear reader.

Maybe you.
At least, I hope it's you.

A word that brick and mortar ignore. 
Retail brings things to your door.
To get good chicken waffles,
You must wait 30 minutes standing in line.

What am I?
An actor!
A stand-in!

Of course,
I must work for my bread.
Unlike those lucky ones,
Disillusioned paying for premium.
It's all made for pennies.
But what do they care?

The real winners are the profiteers.

Spiritual Nourishment lines? 
First In. First Out.
Doesn't matter who's hungrier.
Bribe them so we don't have to wait!
"But are we that powerful?"

At least standing in line makes us ready for a new Depression.
Waiting in lines.
For subpar clothing.
Mediocre food.
Pre-recorded events.
Mass-produced groceries.

A Stand-In needs a Stand-Up.
Time is valuable. 
Standing in line as status:
Go where everyone else goes.

But make it seem glamourous.

It makes better sense,
If we were to...
Stand in line for charity.
And not be unique by it.

Stand in line,
Side by side,
For equality.

Saturday, June 13, 2020


The ones like you who believe you are not the same,
You face consistent disappointment.

You're a snowflake but you're also water,
It's nature.
Guess what?
We're electrical.
But it's all bio-mechanical.

When you've seen one you've seen them all.

During these times of horror,
You're worried about money.
And you're in your 40s.
Who cares?
You dress like you're punk rock.

It's middle-class suburbanite.
Looking for the limelight.
Closest you've gone to rebel,
Is sleeping in on weekends.

You're home alone,
Sick and tired - scared.
Do you think anyone really cares?

No one cares about you,
You care about being together.
So we use that against you.

We know you're home right now,
In these uncertain times, we say.
It's more important than ever,
To keep movement strong.
But the only way we can do that is we keep,
Destroying your foundation together.

Together we continue,
And we can continue,
Not being there for you.

Even when the biggest fail,
Companies or organizations that give up on you.

I won't.
Because I'm not afraid of getting hurt again.

Your society,
Abandoned you.
They don't want you.

So what are you gonna do?

Cry like a baby?
Go online and make a posting?
It does nothing!

I don't wanna see,
I don't wanna leave.
I don't wanna fear anything.

I don't wanna do what you did to me,
What I'll do to you is gonna hurt you,
Like it hurt me.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Rushing to the End

Isn't life funny?
We're told we don't have much time.
But we've made it this far,
So far.

And what a life it's been!

All of a sudden there's 4 hours to have.
It's been a super busy week before.

We got a lot done, didn't we?
Let's rest up in case it gets going again.

We're valued for our money saved.
But money can't buy back our time.

Time is not money.
Time is life.

Life well used,
Is time well spent.

Isn't life funny?
We can't buy time.

It costs almost nothing.
But is the most valuable necessity.

Friday, September 13, 2019

New Iranian Stereotype

No, I didn't fly here in my magic carpet.
My car is a Honda.
They have good resale value.
I am Iranian.
I like good value.

Technically, I'm Iranian-American.
I don't love any government's style.
Though the one in America is doing well for me.
My idea for a better world?
None of your business!

I am Iranian deep in my soul.
No, I am not a spy or terrorist.
I do not start revolts; I pay my bills on time, mostly.
I use computers and other devices.

Technically, I'm for freedom.
That most take for granted.
I'm for educating the masses - with a goal of 100%.
Whether by college or universities,
Or for the people like me who read everything possible.

I am Iranian.
A regular person with very little time to spare.
I don't enjoy seeing others treated unfairly.
A modern Iranian is who I am.
My love for people of all kinds to prosper is my dream.

My people are who I love most.
Whether they are rich or poor or middle of the road.
Whether they struggle everyday like I do.
It is my duty to be there to be their support system.

As I sit here drinking my mint-flavored doogh, I think.
Of my past, of my roots.
My upbringing and my traditions.
Of my present and my future.
And my new traditions coming.

Persian is my first language.
English is my second.
At this point,
I can barely keep up with conversations in native tongue.
I'm like a tourist in a foreign country with other Iranians.

But I am Iranian. No, doubt about it.
My English language skills are strongest.
And I must use these skills to tell my story.
My stories and my people's stories.

Of being Iranian.

Monday, August 26, 2019


Your mouth.
It says the most beautiful things.
You show me kindness and affection with it.
Thank you for it being so attractive.

I love your mouth.
It can say things that push my buttons.
Your voice is so loving though,
Even if we argue, I'm wishing in my mind,
Trying to get back to you.

That mouth is beautiful,
For telling me and everyone your dreams.
I adore your dreams,
I wish them to come true.
With me and with you.

Your eyes are my favorite color.
But it all comes down to kissing you.
Because your mouth is amazing to me.

Your mouth is beautiful.
It speaks and shows love,
In the words you choose,
In its compassion towards me and others,
And physically for me only.

We're lucky, definitely.
We're definitely not boring.
I need you.
To see your smile.
To hear you sing and laugh, and to tell me you love me.
I need your mouth.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Paper Bag

I get so nervous when the female cashier looks at me.
She asks me if I want to buy a paper bag.
First off, I brought my own!

So I have to wonder to myself:
Is she flirting with me?
No, no, she does this a 100 times a day already.
She knows I have my own reusable cloth bag,
It's right there in front of her face.
She wants my number and a date, doesn't she?
I've noticed her good eye-makeup once before.
I'm no idiot.

What if she's a shill for the paper industry?
She's trying to get rid of these bags,
For dollars on the penny.
Entrepreneurs make America.
She's gotta be one of them.

"No thank you", I say.
I brought my own bag.
I'm awake about it.
Not like these other sheep.
I buy organic,
To keep the brainwash juices out of my mind.

She's obviously in love with me.
I mean - look at this that I am.
A gift from God to please a woman's desires.
I ask her out to Shakespeare in the Park.

She politely declines.
I hate when they play hard to get.
Next week, I'll ignore her.
That always gets them.

I wonder what the names of our children will be.
Probably something interesting,
Like Raven or Zelda.
I won't bring a reusable bag next time,
So she'll be right to ask me.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Lazy Bastard

I'm stumbling on debris on my floor.
Time to vaccuum again.

It's June again,
Which means I should clean the shower too.

I'm not lazy, I'm efficient.
How dare you judge me,
You filthy animal.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

The Culmination of All Intelligence in the Universe

There has never been a better time,
To talk about this.

I have never thought it was a good idea,
To study to become a foot soldier.
I studied to take humankind farther,
To space and beyond the small life on Earth.

I am who I am,
And never be anything else.
I am not a Lion. I am not an Ant.

I dare not care for killing.
Or savagery.
I want everyone to live.
And with peace,
In their hearts, their souls.

I am the one,
The Eyes,
The mouth and tongue of the free world.
I am of Peace.

And I will stand behind my stance.
Until all of us know everything.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Everything Ends Anyways

It’s mine.
The destination.
The final curtain call,
My dream is ending,
And so am I.
I will die.

It won’t matter.
It never did.
The world goes on,
With or without me.

My choice.
My insanity.
I want it all to go away.

There is no other way,
For me to get help.
That I need.
I don’t want it anyway.

Not like it matters now,

Everything ends anyways.

Thanks, But No Thanks

I’ve had enough.
Why didn’t anyone care?
I thought someone would.

I wish life were fair.
No one knows where we go after this.
No one really knows where.

No thanks.
I tried to tell you.
Why didn’t anyone care?
Maybe I should instead.

There isn’t a need for me.
I’m sick of my apathy.
Every day is like this.
Everything is what it seems.

I wish life were fair.
No one knows where we go after this.
No one really knows where.

But no thanks.

I’ve had enough.

Other Side

This isn’t what I thought it would be.

It’s clean.

But it’s a fantasy.

I wish I had a family.

One day, maybe.

I wish for a change.

But it’s not enough.

I need to get out of here.

Far away.

A lake with calm waters.

For a change.

But it’s not enough.

Fascinating to be here.

Because it’s all a distant memory.

Now, I’m clean.

No scars.

No hurting.

The aches are gone.

The misery.

All apart of me.

But now I don’t need anything.

No Problem Solved

It never happened,


So close but not close enough.

A killing instead.

Of me.

I have no belongings,

Everything I have is this life.

Is me.

Now I have the upperhand,

Now, everyone else can’t have me.

I hope they all will understand.

I win the game.

I’ve won.

There was no problem.

I solved it.

I didn’t have to play the game of life.

Exit Here

Exit signs everywhere.

Exit here.

Exit there.

I’ve got to make my exit now.

I won’t be making it back to this highway again.

Because of this Cardinal sin.

My eternal suffering can exit my soul.

With just one simple choice to end it myself.

Display the emotions.

Formulaic factions.

I have nothing more to give.

No exit - no comfort.

No psychological urges.

I can finally be happy.

Dinner with a Friend (Grim Reaper)

My severed head I walk around with.

Look up to me.

While I admire death.

There’s only pain and suffering.

Every once in a while there’s joy.

An abstract beauty in a world of pain.

I adore.

Well, now it’s poetry to my ears.

To see the great beyond.

I’m here and I’m staying.

I’ve made it.

I guess a sunset is a painting.

There’s a palette of beauty.

In an early death.

Why am I not surprised it happened so fast?

It wasn’t meant to last.

It’s over.

No other.

In the dirt.

No one hurt.

A rebirth.


Just another skull,

Materializing into earth.

I Wish For an End

Goddamn heart never stops.

I’ve tried everything to finish it.

Fried fatty foods, cigarettes, no exercise.

Everything except a gunshot or jumping off a building.

But maybe soon.

All I know is I wish for an end.

Is that so much to ask?

I don’t know and I don’t think so.

I’m weak.

There’s nothing left here for me anyway.

I’m trapped in a body I don’t want or deserve.

Goddamn brain never stops.

I’ve tried everything to finish it.

Terrible music, terrible movies, terrible books.

Terrible poetry.

Instead I get awarded for my contributions.

What takes me no effort to do and I get called an artist.

I wish I could.

Counterintuitive possibilities.

Suicidal Tendencies.

I’m still not flying.

So I drag my feet across your lawn.

Give me a medical review.

Judge my case.

I’ll appeal it to the end.

Until I’m dead.

Crushed Dreams

I just wanted to be somebody.

Now, I’m somebody else.

I never thought I’d be alone.

But here I am.

I wish I’d known my own thoughts.

Before I threw them all away.

My crushed dreams are me.

I’m one and alone with all of them.

There’s no more dreams.

I’d hate to have more.

The registration of my demolition.

My brains and my body.

Annihilated and immigrated into dirt.

I’m not worth it and neither is any of this.

All my dreams were just dreams.

I don’t deserve to get lucky.

It’s all fun and games until reality hits.

Then bills need paying and I’m broke.

What’s funny is I’m broke all the time anyway.


To be a fucking artist.

So some asshole can get lucky.

And here I am working a shit job to pay the bills.

Life’s not fair unless I’m pulling hairs.

I wish for dreams to never come true for me or for you.

It All Began

A superhero is a human being.

Nothing hurts, not even bullets.

What about a noose?

Self-inflicted means relief.

Now I’m a debt cleared by the banking institution.

It’s true.

It all began when life became valuable.

Suddenly, a price is put on it.

And one is prettier than the others.

So the pretty ones get sold.

And in this fantasy no one is a whore.

Except the living.

It all began with being property.

Having value.


A human being is a superhero.

Nothing hurts, not even bullets.

What about a noose?

Self-inflicted means relief.

Under Pressure

It must be so nice to be me.

All I have to do is take it easy.

Even when others starve.

It’s so easy to turn a blind eye.

As long as it’s not me.

I can enjoy my life.

Who cares, really?

Who cares?


It must be cool to be me.

All I have to do is fake being immune.

Nothing bothers me.

There’s no pressure to act.

We’re all actors, right?

As long as it’s not me.

I can enjoy my life.

Who cares, really?

Who cares?


It must be so fun to be me.

All I have to do is… cry.

Even when others… die.

It’s so easy to not care.

As long as it’s not me.

I can enjoy my life.

Who cares, really?

Who cares?


Started Well

Celebrations and birds flying high.

I don’t remember ever being so happy.

Then I got a brain, and my happiness left.

I never thought it would be something that fails.

But it did and now I’m now done.

Oh, wait.

It looks like I have to deal with it all.

For a very long time.

It hurts me the most.

And I can’t even give it to anyone else.

While they have celebrations.

With their birds flying oh so high.

I’m dirt beneath their feet.

I was the revolution.

I can’t be the absolution.

If I’m forgotten.

Enjoy your freedom.

Mine is in another place.

Far from here.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Luck of the Irish

The soul is in thru the eyes.
A loving soul I've seen with mine.

As we ate and drank and stayed merry,
Her attention left our side,
As a dog was walked by.
I pointed it out.
She blushed her gorgeous cheeks,
Light red.
I'm in heaven,
I breathed.

We went for a stroll,
With our city.
There were turtles.

She cares for animals.
What a woman she is.
Her heat radiates,
From her big heart.

She's so loving,
I feel at peace.
Not tormented anymore.

I fell almost immediately.
Her loving soul reached out,
And passed into mine.
I felt love.
How good it felt.
To be alive.

I got lucky,
To have this day.
A beautiful soul connected,
To me.
I can't let go,
Of this goodness.
I'm addicted to good fortune.

In her.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Cream and sweetener

A nice pick-me-up while at the office.
Or at home, after waking up from an afternoon nap.

At 3pm?
Unless you like your stomach pain,
Try a cup of fresh brewed tea.
Trust me, nobody wants you jumping like a blubbering whale that's beached.

Do yourself a favor.
Yes, there's caffeine in it,
But not like half a line of cocaine.
Which you definitely don't need either.

Black tea is brown.
Green tea is yellow.
White tea is golden.
Herbal tea is rain water.

So really it's brown tea, yellow tea, golden tea.
And hot rain.

Don't be like me and use a microwave to heat your tea.
In England they could arrest you for it.
And throw your tea bag out before drinking.
It's a public nuisance and disturbance of the peace.
Also, it's gross.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Mixing red, yellow, and blue

Her eyes. They burn into mine,
So I only look for a moment at a time.

A lovely bird singing her song of joy or sadness,
She can be ready to fly or ready to create a nest,
Of baby birds.

She is one of a kind.

Have you ever noticed a woman's voice,
Is like a song she sings when she speaks and you are in love?

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Big yellow fruit.
Cylinders with narrow tips.
Curved at the ends.

Sexual fruit,
But not by their design.
Our views and our design.

Monkeys eat bananas.
So do humans.
This gives us relationship.

Bananas are healthy and sweet.
Potassium is plenty in a banana.
Most people eat one banana.
But have you ever tried to eat one right after another?

Women eating bananas is considered sexy by hormonal men.
Some men eating bananas can be sexy too, considered by other hormonal men.

Bananas go good with peanut butter and a glass of milk.
Elvis likes peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwiches.

Don't get me started with plantains.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

When We Get Spooky

I'm on the streets, alone.
Desperately not seeking attention,
Yet I'm found.
This always happens and I won't turn it down.

A man sees me and points his camera at me.
"Can I take your picture?"
I feign a smile.
I go to West Hollywood every year.
On Halloween.

This year, again, alone.
Sometimes a friend accompanies me.
Many times I make new acquaintances out on the street.
I go whether anyone is with me or not.
People-watching is a pastime of mine.
I enjoy anonymity.

Another camera, and then a camera phone.
They like what I've brought to the Carnival.
I like making things doper than dope.
And not spending more than a few dollars on it.

The usuals are there.
I see a Superman, a Batman, a Flash.
I see a naughty kitten, the half-naked kind.
My eyes try not to make contact.
She looks down at her cleavage anyway.
I'm caught.
I try not to make eye contact with her and move on.
She's probably trouble.

There's usually a few people in stilts as high as 10 feet tall,
And men dressed as women.
The gay men dress in leotards and the straight men dress as buff heroes.
Many people there tonight.
Most arrived late because of work during the day.

Tonight I'm a mix of Ace Frehley, Chad Gray from the "Dig" music video, a Slipknot member, and a punk rocker.
I carried my Guitar Hero guitar with me as I walked up and down Santa Monica Boulevard.

Some people brought their children along.
Even though all the web sites and forums say not to bring them.
Maybe some people don't get the news.
Maybe some just don't care and show the world to their kids.
Maybe that's a good thing.
I wonder if I ever have children what I would do.

A black woman walking the other way from me inches closer.
She gets close and starts playing my guitar.
I smile and nod.
At least she's having fun.

A man stands out in the crowd with a Jack O Lantern bag.
He's handing things out.
I go over and hold my hand out.
He gives me three condoms.
"Be safe tonight!" he says.
I wanted candy and I'm mildly disappointed.

I see myself in the mirror of a frame store.
I've painted myself and my beard in whiteface.
The opposite of blackface, which is considered racist.
I wonder if anyone else has this thought.

A white woman sees me and makes the sound of a guitar whammy bar.
"WEEEOOOOOOOW!" she exclaims.
I don't know what to say so I smile and nod as I walk off.
What a glorious night.
I'll never get bored with Halloween.

Monday, September 18, 2017


Mold again.
Either stop it,
Or let it consume you.

But there's no way to stop it,
A complete genocide of spores is impossible.
But I have plenty of bleach.

I have it on strong authority:
The strongest natural fibers in the universe,
Are Iranian chin, ear, and nose hairs.

Adamantium won't stand a chance.

I've tested this out,
On myself.
Laboratory specs be damned.
I cut myself on my own.
These hairs cut through me,
Razorebladed in lifetimes.

I embrace the complexity.
The stench of my armpits.
Smell it.
Au natarale.
For at least five minutes,
Until I'm dried.

Inhale the essence of man.

Dirty feet,
Testosterone pumping.

All in one small spot.
I call mine.

I guess it's time to clean the shower.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Social class?
Some bodies.
Doing nothing,
Until death comes.

Low class?
People with ambition.
No class?
Freedom from ambition.

Just human.
Trying to get by.
And follow dreams.
Make them a reality.

We all discriminate too.
We all discriminate you.

Nepotism leads to inbreeding.
Blood bonds.
Too bad,
It's all Pangea.

Never do anything,
And never make it very far.
Others get lucky,
And actually use potential.
But not you.

Others have been leeches.
Inheriting earth,
By the work of the meek.

Perceptions of power.
Without that perception...

Genetically engineered,
Brought up in family shadow.
But not a winner,
Either way.


There's class somewhere in there.
Try it.
You might like it.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Bad Poetry Day

Buy high,
Sell low.

Misery hates company.

Be an echo,
Not a voice.

Always forget.

Work nice,
And be hard on people.

Stupid is,
As Smart does.

Count the days,
Don't make the day count.

Keep it complex, stupid.

Be the same,
Not better.

Forget to smile.

Things get tougher,
When you get better.

Don't do.

Enjoy the big things in life.

Hard work never beats talent.
Because talent doesn't work hard.

Write sober,
Edit drunk.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

World's Best Comedian

So once again:
I'm not a comedian.
Or a writer.

Even though,
It's all a joke written.

I remain the same.

And I have little need,
Of disapproval by you.

What I do need is a pen,
And some paper.
Maybe the new iMac.

Yes! That'll make me.
A better comedian.
My jokes will write themselves!

I guess nothing matters,
If everything is OK.
And there is no drama.

Monday, August 14, 2017


No more fighting.
Just joking.
Take the punch.

Was a caveman once.
Now I'm being primped,
Having to moisturize.

Enjoying the fight.
Reminds me of what I am.
A man.

My developed-monkey brain,
A brute.

A beast that fights,
To attack.
And flights,
When preyed.

Going against?
Without violence?
Fight with mind.

Which is stronger.
Either way,

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Looking Up

Wherever I may end up,
A path.
I must take it.
And continue.
A request?

Resiliency ingrained.
On ground.
Resistance by choice.
To fly away.

My choice.
Nature will provide.
And guide.


You opened up,
To me.
All your secrets.

Hidden lives,
The Hollywood demon.
I take to the grave.

I'm gone.


Dream together,

Better lives,
For everyone.

Opened up,
Our minds,
In the sand.
We kept warm.
While listening,
To gentle waves.

So beautiful.
In my mind?

Looking outside in.
No damage done.

A complete,
A Reversal.
Only partial.


For so long.

Take this curse,
From me.

The real me.


Saturday, August 12, 2017


Seems so wrong to not care,
But it seems I'm a real comedian.
When life is a joke,
And I'm the punchline.

Looking around...
Staring into a device.
All day.
And another device,
When I get home.

What's real is perception.
And the power it plays on mortal men and women.

The other side is just as boring.
Because it's false.
The side that's true is my side.
Just as the sun sets and the moon is already there waiting.
I'm awoke, ready to illuminate.

Friday, August 11, 2017


Your heart is gold,
and you wear it on your sleeve.

I can't believe I fell in love so quickly,
But let's be honest here.
It's easy for a man like me,
To love everything about a woman like you.

I don't know how long relationships last anymore,
Because of so much divorce and unloyalty.
But I know that as long as I breathe,
I'll dream of being in love with you.

Today is the most joy I've experienced,
Because I got to spend my time with you.
And all I wanna do is take care of you,
Physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially.
If that's all you want too.

I can't believe how such a black heart as myself,
Can feel this way, just on meeting you.

Your kindness, your loving grace.
It's all a man needs to feel appreciated.
And all a man wants is to make his woman
Feel secure and uninhibited around him.

We shared our tattoos, mine about being an outcast,
And yours about saving the world.
I loved you from the start.
I don't care about your past,
Because I want to be your future.

Peace and love.

Thursday, August 10, 2017


Congrats, I made it. I'm old.
I wasn't vain anyway.
But now, I don't have to worry about looking good. I can wear grey with pride. I earned it. And pop culture doesn't matter. Not that it ever did. I grew up with heavy metal and gangster rap. Now called metal and hip-hop.

I remember using lots of product in my hair as a teenager to try to impress my classmates.

Then I moved out of town, so a lot of good that did.

My name is Danny.
Old men go by Dan.
Will I ever grow the eff up?

Congrats, I'm old.

When I was younger,
I was a breast man.
As I've gained wisdom,
Breasts, Thighs, Legs, and Butt
Are all wonderful in their own way.

I'm always in the mood for chicken.

I'm old.

Next is The End. Maybe it'll be a new beginning.

Congrats, I made it. I'm old.

Cannot Be

I cannot be your lover anymore,
No matter how convenient,
It is to stay.

Can we treat each other like friends?
Are there things that can never be?

I wish things stayed the same,
The way I kept on for you.
Sorry I cannot say,
That our love held true.

There are things you need to know.
I've moved on and you should too.
I don't want to be committed anymore.

I'm sorry.

Can we treat each other like friends?
Are there things that can never be?

There are things you need to know.
I've moved on and you should too.
I don't want to be committed anymore.

I'm sorry.

I cannot be your lover anymore,
No matter how convenient,
It is to stay.

Sorry I cannot be,
The man you wanted me to be.

I'm not sorry.
That I'm not changing,
Who I am.
And always will be.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Right Way

Everyone has an asshole,
And everyone has an opinion.

I get it.
You're right.
You're always right.

Does that make you feel any better?
About yourself?
Shut up!

I get it.
You're right.
You're always right.

There's only one way to do things.
Your way.
Thanks for your guidance.

I get it.
You're right.
You're always right.

Hey, what's that over there?
Look at that.
Now, I'm gone.

I get it.
You're right.
You're always right.

I can be a lazy piece of shit if I want to.
I'm arrogant and a bit of a show-off.
So what?

Piss off.
Ya cunts.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


I plea for peace.
For myself, my friends, my family.
An Iranian-American is a metaphor.
For the destruction in the world coming to an end.

A Capulet and Montague putting differences aside.
Merging, knowing the differences.
And embracing the dissolution of anger.

I'm born in the United States,
But my soul belongs to Iran.
A two-sided coin,
Dr. Jeckylled and Mr. Hyded.
Without both sides,
The coin would not exist.
And neither would I.

Both sides are Dr. Jeckyll.
And I plea for peace!
Between all nations,
Seeking complete control.

Home is where my family lives,
My family is all over this world.
Most of the world, I've never been.

I'm only half a world away,
From seeing truth.
Too bad I can never go there,
Because of my big mouth.

Monday, August 7, 2017


So pure.
Government provided mind control,

But it's clear.

I have a glass a day.
On weekends I have 8 glasses of beer.
Which is water with extra taste.

Sometimes I have a bottle.
Of water, not beer.
Not too much bottled water though.
I remember 10 years ago,
Having to buy water for 10 cents.

It's as if someone said to themselves,
"What is plentiful and almost free,
That I can charge 10 times for?"

And they did it.
Dasani with their added minerals.
Fiji from Kentucky.
PUR with their activated charcoals.
Water in a Box.
Is everyone ignoring what it is, but me?

I thought we learned lessons of the past.
I guess not.
All this water,
And we're still doomed.

All I do is Hunger and Thirst.
Replenish myself.
Taste is for amateurs.

So Thirsty.
I need Replenishment.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sad to See You Go

Now that you're gone,
I can forgive you.
Not that I ever wanted it,
Us to end.

It's that I was hurt,
Maybe we were both wrong,
And both too stubborn.
But our love remains strong.

You were right,
To stay away from me.
I would have fought you,
Win or Lose.

No more tears,
Or anger or regret.

I'm still sad to see you go.


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

My Best Friend

Maura is my best friend.
Yes, she is very attractive,
Beautiful, handsome, lovely.

She's a Star Wars fan,
And a social warrior.
I remember how we became friends.
At a political science class,
We had a 2 unit Santa Cruz mountain retreat.
She was wearing a bright red shirt and had a lip ring.
She was very outspoken too.

We were supposed to trade numbers,
With 2 people at the end of the retreat.
I ran up to her and got her number.
I said we'd go out I'd take her out to eat.

I asked her to marry me.
First time I'd ever asked a woman to marry me,
And she said no.

She's lovely, yes, and I tell her that all the time.
It's not me being charming, it's me being truthful.
She's beautiful inside and out.

We've never dated romantically though.
I think I just love her and don't want to hurt her,
Like I've done to so many women in my life.
Maura is my best friend.
I'll love her forever and nothing can change that.
The offer to get married still stands.

Monday, May 8, 2017


Standards come from having no standards.
Because of standardized culture.
It hurts the ones loved most,
Including the self.

But it can be overcome.

If freedom is available,
Be able to roam with happiness in your heart.
Because there shouldn’t be constraints involved.

Shaming others on unused ideals,
Is a misconception of uneducated beliefs.
A manmade perception,
To guilt others of pleasure.

A way of dealing with pain.
Too much pain needs relief.
Faith blinds the weak,
Because there is never freedom in it.

Be free to do as you please.
Not to settle for mediocrity,
Or to expect the unexpected,
Only the undefined is necessary.

Happiness is used as a means to an end,
And used by the disillusioned.
More than money or arrangements,
It's denial.

It's a counterfeit to the mind being truly stable.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Fruit from the tree of knowledge

LSD is the apple that Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge
The knowledge of the universe was opened up to me.
It opened my mind to truths of the world.

My experience with it:
I'd say I ingested LSD a dozen times, and it was a trip.
A trip to far reaches of my body, mind, and soul,
Connecting when they've been closed off because of our "civilizing".

I connected with my world and I saw the humor,
the idiocies of us as humans,
the ugliness of our deepest desires,
and the childlike tendencies we all hide from.

Imagine your five senses twisting and turning into new senses.
Your hearing nerves attach to your sense of smell.
All of a sudden, sounds have smells.
You can taste things by touching them with your hands and feet.
Your eyes taste the colors you see.

I haven't touched mind enhancing fruit for 20 years now.
But these are things I'll always adore,
and never forget.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


There is something so great,
About being indebted.
A sense of purpose is given,
For being wildly in need.

For money, for love.
For love or money.
But not for the love of money.

If it's lack of sleep to endure,
I don't need it.
Sleep? When I'm dead.
I have bills to pay.
I have happiness to payback.

Romantic Development,
Business Development,
Same thing.
Let the equity and heart grow.

We are connected,
A unit.
A couple or a company.
We're in bed together.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


A color.
So simple,
And so complex.

So smooth,
It pours itself.

So vivid,
Blood ties all.

So bright,
It shines on all.

So vast,
Above us.

So lush,
Rolling around.

So tart,
Yet so sweet.

So pure,
Gets dirty though.

So royal,
Nothing else.

So angry.
Dark as death.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

One Day At a Time

I love to surprise you,
In all the many different ways.
To show you that I care,
For the remainder of our days.

I call you when I can,
When I know I shouldn't call.
To tell you I'm your man,
And that I love you with my all.

I'll continue sending mail,
To show you how much I do care.
You're my loving female,
To me your qualities are quite rare.

I enjoy giving this tranquility,
I enjoy giving you this peace of mind.
By granting you this stability,
We can continue to enjoy our lives.

Day in,
Day out.
One day at a time.

Sunday, August 9, 2015


I love you very much.
I do it happily and with pride.
Me loving you as much as I do,
Is exactly what you deserve.

Just don't take it for granted, please.

Every day I have loved you,
And continue to give you love,
Is one of the best days of my life.

We'll grow old together and become more in love.
I'll get to brag that our lives began when we first met. 
And everyone around us shares the joy in our hearts.

I'll always want to hold you,
To hug you, to kiss you.
To be with you.
Have you sleep in my arms close,
So I may feel you breathe.

It's because you are my good influence.
I'll spend the rest of my life,
Repaying your kindness.
I'll repay it by being faithful,
And give you everything you deserve.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

First letter

My happy thought is you.
On my knees asking for your hand.
Nobody else I'd rather be with.
About you I think of throughout the day.

All the little things you do for me.
Nobody makes it worth so much.
Dreams could not be so rich as this reality with you.

Doesn't matter what happens.
As long as our faith in each other is true.
No other bond is like our family's.
Now we know why we were meant to be.
You and I make the perfect team.

Thursday, July 30, 2015


You've been on my mind very much lately.
Well, you and me and us, stated exactly.
There's been only a few small moments today,
I haven't been able to think about you in any way.

In between my daily work tasks I do plan,
I've missed you terribly, says me, your caring man. 
My heart intensifies for you and your tender touch,
Even if just a kiss on the nose, I'd love it very much.

I've been thinking about this with much thought, very thoroughly.
I'm going to have to need to move to be with you in Kansas City.
It makes sense because seeing you in person is worth it.
And just know that when I say, "Don't go", I mean it.

This means I'm going to help you study during the night,
And I'll do my writing, so we can be in each other's sight.
Helping with your exams however I can,
Even if it's just making you healthy snacks.

I'm also going to be able to take you out to eat.
Because I'll have a 9-5 job for a little while again. (LOL)
It's all worth it to support you.
Giving you my love in 15 minute study break increments.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Our dreams

Mona, my love.
It brings me joy,
How you are living your dreams.

I already miss you.
Because we spent our time
Talking by phone, text,
And in person.

This isn't easy,
That I don't see you.
It's OK though, we are both strong.

I'm working right now,
Building our future together.
By writing, and other decisions.
Building my dreams along with you.

I'll see you soon, I promise.
Do your best,
And I will too.

Love Always,

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Since meeting the woman of my dreams,

I feel so incredibly lucky.

I wanted to tell you how I've felt today.

You being in my life is pleasure to me.

And everyone around me is able to see.

You make the sky a little more blue,

Knowing we're thinking of each other.

Our phone calls bring a smile across my face,

Knowing who's on the other end.

Us making each other laugh helps too.

I do love you. I love you with all my heart.

I want you to be the mother to my children.

I want you as my beautiful wife.

I want to love you and be with you for every moment of time.

I desire you in my life.

I love you more and more everyday.

And I'll continue to love you more in every single way.

I love you with all my heart. Thank you.

For being you.

I love you.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Love Juice

Extra extra beautiful.
Anything she says, within reason,
My response will be:
As you wish.

Her kisses are extra loving.
I'm afraid to ask how I got so lucky.
Her wanting a hairy chested man, and
Me wanting a beautiful eyed woman.
Her big brown eyes lift my spirits like no other,
When I see her in person.

My passion for her pushes me harder at work.
The spark she sets off is better than Nutella.
Her modest behavior is charming to my heart.
This woman I adore, her name is Mona.

The perfect moment came last night,
When we held each other arm in arm.
I felt closer to her than ever before,
I knew she was the one I've waited for.
To give my life more meaning,
To be the man she needs me to be.

Her lips touching mine is explosive inside.
Gets me short-winded just thinking about her.
I crave her smile and her cheerful laughter,
Ever since our 2nd or 4th or 5th date.

Her happiness is my #1 priority already.
She says she wants to make me happy,
In 10 years when she buys me a Mercedes.
Though I'll probably still ride my electric bike.

I even love her given name.
She says she hates it, but I can't understand why.
It fits her so well.
An American with a Middle Eastern name.

I want to make the most passionate love to her I can,
Her as my woman, me being her man.
Something so special about us being together,
A bond like ours should be apart never.

A good woman and a good man; lovers.
And blessed with our joy of each other's heart.
Made differently, and made for each other.
A union like ours is a blessing, a work of art.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Too Loud to Ignore

No one knows about mundane,
Even if we don't admit it publicly.
Because who is going to pretend,
They are bored with it all?

It's only real when God comes down,
and flows thru the milk in our veins.
We've become too loud to ignore.

An adult door is open and we go thru
The puppy entrance.
We're thirsty and a water bowl
Is given.

The moon and moons become nothing but
Big rocks in a vacuum of space.
A planet just happens to become inhabitable,
Because of its relationship in distance to
The nearest star.

That is what we call "miracle."
It's wizardry and the potion is magic.
Once we wake up and fear nothing,
Real powers awaken in our cells.

A real life, with real good.
Roar about it like no choice is available.

We see outside these walls,
With God being carried around in our pockets,
Like a lucky token of our greatest acceptance.
Don't lose that.

Because we have become too loud to ignore.

A Bus Ride

Los Angeles, so horribly known for its mass transit system.

I'm going to find out first-hand.

A bus going from the top of Laurel Canyon down to Santa Monica and Fairfax is my journey today.

The bus came a few minutes late but that's better than a few minutes early.
I wave at the bus driver as she arrives and opens her door for business.
I went up and asked her how much.
I didn't bother explaining because it's been a few years since I last rode.
Which is ironic because I rehearsed how I would tell her in a joking manner.
So we could share a bond of uncertainty together.

Did they even still take cash? Yes. Cash rules the public still.
The seats were clean and no foul smells were presented by anyone on the bus,
including me.

The trip would take a few minutes longer than driving plus I wouldn't pay for parking. I was the only non-senior riding which worried me at first.
With this ride, was I joining the Many Wrinkles and Bad Eyesight Club?
Moby. Oh, that's "Maybe."
I read a few pages of poetry on the ride and tried not to think about if the doctor I was visiting would tell me I only have 2 to 40 years of living left.

Finally some pretty girls board the bus at Sunset and Crescent Heights. And a kid wearing a Goofy ears Disney hat.

The circle is halfway complete.

I get out and try to find the 218 to Studio City.
It only took me a roundabout walk around the busy noon traffic to find it.
The seat to wait for the bus looked like orange vomit had been on it and dried.
I chose to stand for ten more minutes.
The bus made its way to the few of us waiting. 

This time, a young man of Hispanic descent is driving.
He is quick to honk the horn.
Or maybe traffic is more aggressive around this time.
I try to mind my own business and play a racing game on my phone.

The bus stop is very close to my home.
My story complete without a real story happening.
I've never liked the bus but I do enjoy riding the train.
Probably because I don't like sitting sideways and going forward.

My verdict is the transit system is better than is joked about by
Many many Los Angeles comedians.
I wonder how many of them regularly ride public transportation.
And I keep wondering when L.A.'s Metro will rival New York's M.T.A.
These are good thoughts to go home to.

I do go home, the circle now complete.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bears dancing

I'll always remember seeing Grateful Dead shirts being worn as a child.
Imagining how great they must sound,
If they could produce these vivid colors on t-shirts.

Boy was I wrong.

My mind did not explode like I thought it would.
I was mildly disappointed.

Oh well.
I'm an 80's/90's kid.
What's another band to find?

Nowadays I'm older.
I can at least appreciate it.
Without taking LSD.

Steal from someone

Steal from someone,
then buy them a present.

They will forgive you.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Economics of It All

He was born rich.

Growing up he knew it with all his heart.

It's been a surreal experience. To say the least.

The voyage he knew he would start.

And not knowing where he'd end up.

One thing he knew, though.

That he would be rich someday.

And with that,

Money became worthless.

He could buy anything,

But still felt empty.

Even so, currency consumed his time.

His thoughts and dreams.

In youth he only knew situations financially.

The last few years he became richer than his wildest dreams.

He was a big fish in a small pond.

He had achieved it early.

As an adult, a bonafide real adult,

Real ideas started pouring about where he could go,

and how to get there.

His richness grew,

In ideas and thinking unconventionally.

With that he says:

Nobody loves money.

And he hates hearing, "money over everything".

Money is an idea, of paper and digital bits.

That paper is a person's worth.

It's not what they have in their mind,

Their heart, their soul.

Numbers type up on a bank statement.

And we think "security".

Here's what he thinks of security:

What if?

What. If.

Everyone could have nice things?

What. If.

A sick person gets taken care of?

What. If.

A hungry person is fed?

What. If.

We were already who we wanted to be?

And no monetary value would change that?

That's rich.