Monday, August 8, 2022

Aged Like Milk

I'm old

An old man

Old Man Dan now

No longer full of spitfire I am?


Nap-time in the afternoons, sure

I don't push to become a sprawling success

I didn't work like a dog to become one either

Dogs like naps in the afternoons

Mostly, I feel bad for those that did bark and bite all day

And still didn't get anywhere out of the doghouse or rat-race

Compared to simple animals - barely a brain among them

Hard times to put all that energy into nothing

For a slim to none chance at making the headlines

At least I've seen past the bullshit that is advertising

"American Dream"

"Work Hard Play Hard"

"Do it For the Culture"

"40 Hours a Week"

"Real Men Put in Work"

There's this macho mentality that working til death is a good thing

I guess I'm not 'man enough' to die

Oh wait, I have a penis

I guess I am 'man enough' to tell those people they have no lives to lead anyway

But guess what? I do

I'm nice, just not to those that live as cavemen and Neanderthals

I know what I have to do

I know what I have to feel

I know what I have to take

That power and throw it back at them

And it's because I'm 40 years old

And I'm still mad

I still have anger coursing thru me

It'll never go away

And I still have to deal with everybody and their moron dad

Being idiots in the workplace

I'm not putting up with bullshit

I see old-school values held onto

As if there's really value in traditional

Except hypothetically

And historically

I have to tear it all down and destroy it all

And I have to do it because I have to fight

One man versus everybody

Because I am angry and I am all the time irritated

I don't know anybody that isn't in pain regularly

Yet, all I hear is low-key complaining

As I'm doing right now.