Friday, November 15, 2019

Rushing to the End

Isn't life funny?
We're told we don't have much time.
But we've made it this far,
So far.

And what a life it's been!

All of a sudden there's 4 hours to have.
It's been a super busy week before.

We got a lot done, didn't we?
Let's rest up in case it gets going again.

We're valued for our money saved.
But money can't buy back our time.

Time is not money.
Time is life.

Life well used,
Is time well spent.

Isn't life funny?
We can't buy time.

It costs almost nothing.
But is the most valuable necessity.

Friday, September 13, 2019

New Iranian Stereotype

No, I didn't fly here in my magic carpet.
My car is a Honda.
They have good resale value.
I am Iranian.
I like good value.

Technically, I'm Iranian-American.
I don't love any government's style.
Though the one in America is doing well for me.
My idea for a better world?
None of your business!

I am Iranian deep in my soul.
No, I am not a spy or terrorist.
I do not start revolts; I pay my bills on time, mostly.
I use computers and other devices.

Technically, I'm for freedom.
That most take for granted.
I'm for educating the masses - with a goal of 100%.
Whether by college or universities,
Or for the people like me who read everything possible.

I am Iranian.
A regular person with very little time to spare.
I don't enjoy seeing others treated unfairly.
A modern Iranian is who I am.
My love for people of all kinds to prosper is my dream.

My people are who I love most.
Whether they are rich or poor or middle of the road.
Whether they struggle everyday like I do.
It is my duty to be there to be their support system.

As I sit here drinking my mint-flavored doogh, I think.
Of my past, of my roots.
My upbringing and my traditions.
Of my present and my future.
And my new traditions coming.

Persian is my first language.
English is my second.
At this point,
I can barely keep up with conversations in native tongue.
I'm like a tourist in a foreign country with other Iranians.

But I am Iranian. No, doubt about it.
My English language skills are strongest.
And I must use these skills to tell my story.
My stories and my people's stories.

Of being Iranian.

Monday, August 26, 2019


Your mouth.
It says the most beautiful things.
You show me kindness and affection with it.
Thank you for it being so attractive.

I love your mouth.
It can say things that push my buttons.
Your voice is so loving though,
Even if we argue, I'm wishing in my mind,
Trying to get back to you.

That mouth is beautiful,
For telling me and everyone your dreams.
I adore your dreams,
I wish them to come true.
With me and with you.

Your eyes are my favorite color.
But it all comes down to kissing you.
Because your mouth is amazing to me.

Your mouth is beautiful.
It speaks and shows love,
In the words you choose,
In its compassion towards me and others,
And physically for me only.

We're lucky, definitely.
We're definitely not boring.
I need you.
To see your smile.
To hear you sing and laugh, and to tell me you love me.
I need your mouth.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Paper Bag

I get so nervous when the female cashier looks at me.
She asks me if I want to buy a paper bag.
First off, I brought my own!

So I have to wonder to myself:
Is she flirting with me?
No, no, she does this a 100 times a day already.
She knows I have my own reusable cloth bag,
It's right there in front of her face.
She wants my number and a date, doesn't she?
I've noticed her good eye-makeup once before.
I'm no idiot.

What if she's a shill for the paper industry?
She's trying to get rid of these bags,
For dollars on the penny.
Entrepreneurs make America.
She's gotta be one of them.

"No thank you", I say.
I brought my own bag.
I'm awake about it.
Not like these other sheep.
I buy organic,
To keep the brainwash juices out of my mind.

She's obviously in love with me.
I mean - look at this that I am.
A gift from God to please a woman's desires.
I ask her out to Shakespeare in the Park.

She politely declines.
I hate when they play hard to get.
Next week, I'll ignore her.
That always gets them.

I wonder what the names of our children will be.
Probably something interesting,
Like Raven or Zelda.
I won't bring a reusable bag next time,
So she'll be right to ask me.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Lazy Bastard

I'm stumbling on debris on my floor.
Time to vaccuum again.

It's June again,
Which means I should clean the shower too.

I'm not lazy, I'm efficient.
How dare you judge me,
You filthy animal.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

The Culmination of All Intelligence in the Universe

There has never been a better time,
To talk about this.

I have never thought it was a good idea,
To study to become a foot soldier.
I studied to take humankind farther,
To space and beyond the small life on Earth.

I am who I am,
And never be anything else.
I am not a Lion. I am not an Ant.

I dare not care for killing.
Or savagery.
I want everyone to live.
And with peace,
In their hearts, their souls.

I am the one,
The Eyes,
The mouth and tongue of the free world.
I am of Peace.

And I will stand behind my stance.
Until all of us know everything.