Monday, September 18, 2017


Mold again.
Either stop it,
Or let it consume you.

But there's no way to stop it,
A complete genocide of spores is impossible.
But I have plenty of bleach.

I have it on strong authority:
The strongest natural fibers in the universe,
Are Iranian chin, ear, and nose hairs.

Adamantium won't stand a chance.

I've tested this out,
On myself.
Laboratory specs be damned.
I cut myself on my own.
These hairs cut through me,
Razorebladed in lifetimes.

I embrace the complexity.
The stench of my armpits.
Smell it.
Au natarale.
For at least five minutes,
Until I'm dried.

Inhale the essence of man.

Dirty feet,
Testosterone pumping.

All in one small spot.
I call mine.

I guess it's time to clean the shower.