Monday, February 27, 2023

Divide and Conquer

Your brand,
What company,
Your identity

How about no?

Big Mac vs. the Whopper
iPhone vs. Android
Democrat vs. Republican
Independent party vs. Everybody

How about we not divide?

The Beatles vs. Led Zeppelin
Playstation vs. PC
Mom 'n' Pop vs. Corporate
Coke vs. Pepsi
Credit Union vs. Bank

How about we use our minds instead of wallets?
That's worth more than the Dollar

Marvel vs. DC
Windows vs. Mac
eBay vs. Amazon
Google vs. Everyone

How about we just enjoy what we have?
Last standing with no armor

Say no to outdo each other,
With these petty things

How about we conquer?

Saturday, February 11, 2023

Inner War

What to talk about,

When I've talked about everything already

It's not that I'm alone,

Or that my struggles aren't anybody's business

It's been an adulthood since I felt confident,

In my own place

A place of pain,

A place of heartache,

A roaming inner war

I am home 

How do I express it,

When I've given the same doubts before

It's mine and mine alone,

No smoke or mirrors and no witness

My childhood was interlaced in freedom,

Now I search for it

A place of pain,

A place of heartache,

A roaming inner war

Still a fox and a snake,

Just a reminder of what's there



Faux fortune

All in the lives of mine I've lived,

I've loved and lost and became famous

There is no more to say,

I've said it and it's stuck

What I spoke of is my misfortune

My own

It's been mine though and I'm not selling it,

It's given away to anyone else that has that spirit

One day at a time,

The standard of survival

I'm still here,

Roaming around the battlefield

Looking for a fight