Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It goes on

What you know
is what you think.

What you think
is not your own.

What you feel
is the truth.

I don't want to feel confliction.
My heart beats in vain.
My head hung in shame.

It goes on.

What you know
is what you think.

What you think
is not your own.

What you feel
is the truth.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Danny wants freedom, not some stinkin' roadmap

He rides up high. He rides down low.
A son of a gypsy. He drinks his whiskey.
He drove his motorcycle...a hundred miles per hour right thru to my heart.

Now I'm on a two wheeled journey...of highway lust. In his sidecar.
A mountain man. A steely Dan.

Danny wants freedom, not some stinkin' roadmap.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


the American is a fighter,
a warrior of sorts
the best of the best.
He is an endless freeway
Full of pride
mission accomplished
wages of war
fighting for something
the only place
where else
the mexican imperialist
mexican bourgheouise
proud to be an american
brown yankee
what kind of freedom
enemy of the people
i do believe

watches a war movie
watches history channel
watches historic speech of some sort
history museum ?
nobody i knew well has ever died

intro scene to show how badass he is
'given a last chance'


It feels like the UI is too far apart. Just as I like to use as few keystrokes/mouse gestures as possible, I also don't like moving my eyes too far to find all the info.

I think Google is great that it keeps it simple. Simplicity is what we are all after on the web and too much clutter makes it impossible to keep momentum.

But given that, too simple and we are all monkeys with keyboards...


Deadbolted to new beginnings,

A stranger and yet a friend.

Rarely in a bad mood,

When everybody is having fun.

Enjoys being in the dark,

Or out of view.

Never quite understood,

Can come across as offensive.

Cannot sit still for very long,

Unless listening to music for hours.

Walks down the street with headphones,

While secretly hearing everything and anyone.

Loves his family and friends,

Tries his best to understand them.

He listens to advice given,

Is thankful for any moment given.

Proud to be American.

The difference between most people,

Keeping heads down while staying basic.

Change is a concern, a must happen,

A warrior cannot be contained.

Apologize by being blunt about this subject,

Fighting for the ones that cannot fight.

People are beautiful and come from a lineage,

That needs to be remembered.

To know the past is to create the future,

Live by that motto.

Pride of where ancestors come from.

It's important as an example.

Proud to be American.

Where dreams come true.

For the ones that came before and the ones that come after.

The American Dream is alive, well, and fought for with a passion.