Friday, March 19, 2010


After years of toughness
You decided I hurt you
More than loved.

I never said "I love you."
Because I didn't want to fuck
things up with you.

I wanted to make sure,
I was planning on it.
Either one day or one night.

But you left me before I could
Tell you the truth.

You said 5 years for me to learn
to live with you.
I see now where your patience
runs out.

I'm still surprised you
Have been so great to me
I knew you were good
But never hinted at you
Being great.

If there is nothing that you know,
Know this:

You may not know what to do
Or when to do it,
Or have a clue right now,
But every moment of my life
With you has been the happiest times
Of my life
And I will always give you my heart
If it pleases you.

We have issues to work on
And I'm completely ashamed
Of myself for it,
But I'm happy that we care about
Each other
Enough to be sensible about them.

That is why I am trying so hard
To produce fresh thoughts,
And I promise to always
Be by your side,
Never to mock you because
I desire your happiness
More than anyone's
In the world.