Monday, August 26, 2019


Your mouth.
It says the most beautiful things.
You show me kindness and affection with it.
Thank you for it being so attractive.

I love your mouth.
It can say things that push my buttons.
Your voice is so loving though,
Even if we argue, I'm wishing in my mind,
Trying to get back to you.

That mouth is beautiful,
For telling me and everyone your dreams.
I adore your dreams,
I wish them to come true.
With me and with you.

Your eyes are my favorite color.
But it all comes down to kissing you.
Because your mouth is amazing to me.

Your mouth is beautiful.
It speaks and shows love,
In the words you choose,
In its compassion towards me and others,
And physically for me only.

We're lucky, definitely.
We're definitely not boring.
I need you.
To see your smile.
To hear you sing and laugh, and to tell me you love me.
I need your mouth.