Friday, September 13, 2019

New Iranian Stereotype

No, I didn't fly here in my magic carpet.
My car is a Honda.
They have good resale value.
I am Iranian.
I like good value.

Technically, I'm Iranian-American.
I don't love any government's style.
Though the one in America is doing well for me.
My idea for a better world?
None of your business!

I am Iranian deep in my soul.
No, I am not a spy or terrorist.
I do not start revolts; I pay my bills on time, mostly.
I use computers and other devices.

Technically, I'm for freedom.
That most take for granted.
I'm for educating the masses - with a goal of 100%.
Whether by college or universities,
Or for the people like me who read everything possible.

I am Iranian.
A regular person with very little time to spare.
I don't enjoy seeing others treated unfairly.
A modern Iranian is who I am.
My love for people of all kinds to prosper is my dream.

My people are who I love most.
Whether they are rich or poor or middle of the road.
Whether they struggle everyday like I do.
It is my duty to be there to be their support system.

As I sit here drinking my mint-flavored doogh, I think.
Of my past, of my roots.
My upbringing and my traditions.
Of my present and my future.
And my new traditions coming.

Persian is my first language.
English is my second.
At this point,
I can barely keep up with conversations in native tongue.
I'm like a tourist in a foreign country with other Iranians.

But I am Iranian. No, doubt about it.
My English language skills are strongest.
And I must use these skills to tell my story.
My stories and my people's stories.

Of being Iranian.