Saturday, September 4, 2021

Baby and a Girl

I think about you so much

You're part me 

I look at you and think

You're just a baby

And a girl

You have such a laugh

That I almost cry every time I hear it

It's so obvious you're so smart

I'm so proud to be your dad

You make me laugh and you make me cry

All at the same time

You make me feel incomplete 

When you're away

I think about you often

And I hope that you're at the least okay

You're growing so fast

I don't want you to

But I have to let it happen

You have to be you

I hope you'll be proud of me too

And call me Dad

I wish you the best in life

I wish you peace and joy

Such simple wishes

But I wish them the hardest 

For you

You're growing so fast