Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Economics of It All

He was born rich.

Growing up he knew it with all his heart.

It's been a surreal experience. To say the least.

The voyage he knew he would start.

And not knowing where he'd end up.

One thing he knew, though.

That he would be rich someday.

And with that,

Money became worthless.

He could buy anything,

But still felt empty.

Even so, currency consumed his time.

His thoughts and dreams.

In youth he only knew situations financially.

The last few years he became richer than his wildest dreams.

He was a big fish in a small pond.

He had achieved it early.

As an adult, a bonafide real adult,

Real ideas started pouring about where he could go,

and how to get there.

His richness grew,

In ideas and thinking unconventionally.

With that he says:

Nobody loves money.

And he hates hearing, "money over everything".

Money is an idea, of paper and digital bits.

That paper is a person's worth.

It's not what they have in their mind,

Their heart, their soul.

Numbers type up on a bank statement.

And we think "security".

Here's what he thinks of security:

What if?

What. If.

Everyone could have nice things?

What. If.

A sick person gets taken care of?

What. If.

A hungry person is fed?

What. If.

We were already who we wanted to be?

And no monetary value would change that?

That's rich.