Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Welcome to Hollywood

A city with this many people and I still feel alone...

I'm sure you're thinking, "This doesn't sound like the Hollywood I know of." and of course it doesn't.

The glamorized moving pictures you see on the screen can make a hooker in Pretty Woman look appealing.

Dreams are big in this town. Here or New York is where you go for a chance at it all.

All these dreams and only so many of them can be fulfilled.

Problem is there are backstabbers and fakes, just like the villains in the movies they portray.

I'm sure you're thinking "Who are you to try to shape my views?", and you're right. I'm nobody.

The old times, it was who you knew and what you did with the opportunity you were given.

And I knew everybody, but I never took a real chance to prove I had a voice.

Commercialization, post-modernization, and formulaic shock value. And this is considered art.

The Hitchcocks, the Lean's, The Peckinpah's, The Chaplin's, they're all gone.

Today, everyone dictates like they're Hitler.

These so called artists want to rule, to make the rules, but never in a million years will they follow them.

A day's work used to get you a day's pay. You didn't need to kiss ass to go up in the ranks of men.

You just showed talent and courage. Now the entire city is my battlefield. And right here, I'm in the goddamn lousy warzone.

I've lived here for many years and starved.

Its the hard life daily or no life at all - for dreamers.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going, but that's not me.

I've accepted that's who I am and I'm OK with it.