Friday, August 1, 2014

A Bus Ride

Los Angeles, so horribly known for its mass transit system.

I'm going to find out first-hand.

A bus going from the top of Laurel Canyon down to Santa Monica and Fairfax is my journey today.

The bus came a few minutes late but that's better than a few minutes early.
I wave at the bus driver as she arrives and opens her door for business.
I went up and asked her how much.
I didn't bother explaining because it's been a few years since I last rode.
Which is ironic because I rehearsed how I would tell her in a joking manner.
So we could share a bond of uncertainty together.

Did they even still take cash? Yes. Cash rules the public still.
The seats were clean and no foul smells were presented by anyone on the bus,
including me.

The trip would take a few minutes longer than driving plus I wouldn't pay for parking. I was the only non-senior riding which worried me at first.
With this ride, was I joining the Many Wrinkles and Bad Eyesight Club?
Moby. Oh, that's "Maybe."
I read a few pages of poetry on the ride and tried not to think about if the doctor I was visiting would tell me I only have 2 to 40 years of living left.

Finally some pretty girls board the bus at Sunset and Crescent Heights. And a kid wearing a Goofy ears Disney hat.

The circle is halfway complete.

I get out and try to find the 218 to Studio City.
It only took me a roundabout walk around the busy noon traffic to find it.
The seat to wait for the bus looked like orange vomit had been on it and dried.
I chose to stand for ten more minutes.
The bus made its way to the few of us waiting. 

This time, a young man of Hispanic descent is driving.
He is quick to honk the horn.
Or maybe traffic is more aggressive around this time.
I try to mind my own business and play a racing game on my phone.

The bus stop is very close to my home.
My story complete without a real story happening.
I've never liked the bus but I do enjoy riding the train.
Probably because I don't like sitting sideways and going forward.

My verdict is the transit system is better than is joked about by
Many many Los Angeles comedians.
I wonder how many of them regularly ride public transportation.
And I keep wondering when L.A.'s Metro will rival New York's M.T.A.
These are good thoughts to go home to.

I do go home, the circle now complete.