Friday, August 1, 2014

Too Loud to Ignore

No one knows about mundane,
Even if we don't admit it publicly.
Because who is going to pretend,
They are bored with it all?

It's only real when God comes down,
and flows thru the milk in our veins.
We've become too loud to ignore.

An adult door is open and we go thru
The puppy entrance.
We're thirsty and a water bowl
Is given.

The moon and moons become nothing but
Big rocks in a vacuum of space.
A planet just happens to become inhabitable,
Because of its relationship in distance to
The nearest star.

That is what we call "miracle."
It's wizardry and the potion is magic.
Once we wake up and fear nothing,
Real powers awaken in our cells.

A real life, with real good.
Roar about it like no choice is available.

We see outside these walls,
With God being carried around in our pockets,
Like a lucky token of our greatest acceptance.
Don't lose that.

Because we have become too loud to ignore.