Sunday, April 26, 2015

Love Juice

Extra extra beautiful.
Anything she says, within reason,
My response will be:
As you wish.

Her kisses are extra loving.
I'm afraid to ask how I got so lucky.
Her wanting a hairy chested man, and
Me wanting a beautiful eyed woman.
Her big brown eyes lift my spirits like no other,
When I see her in person.

My passion for her pushes me harder at work.
The spark she sets off is better than Nutella.
Her modest behavior is charming to my heart.
This woman I adore, her name is Mona.

The perfect moment came last night,
When we held each other arm in arm.
I felt closer to her than ever before,
I knew she was the one I've waited for.
To give my life more meaning,
To be the man she needs me to be.

Her lips touching mine is explosive inside.
Gets me short-winded just thinking about her.
I crave her smile and her cheerful laughter,
Ever since our 2nd or 4th or 5th date.

Her happiness is my #1 priority already.
She says she wants to make me happy,
In 10 years when she buys me a Mercedes.
Though I'll probably still ride my electric bike.

I even love her given name.
She says she hates it, but I can't understand why.
It fits her so well.
An American with a Middle Eastern name.

I want to make the most passionate love to her I can,
Her as my woman, me being her man.
Something so special about us being together,
A bond like ours should be apart never.

A good woman and a good man; lovers.
And blessed with our joy of each other's heart.
Made differently, and made for each other.
A union like ours is a blessing, a work of art.