Friday, December 23, 2016

Fruit from the tree of knowledge

LSD is the apple that Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge
The knowledge of the universe was opened up to me.
It opened my mind to truths of the world.

My experience with it:
I'd say I ingested LSD a dozen times, and it was a trip.
A trip to far reaches of my body, mind, and soul,
Connecting when they've been closed off because of our "civilizing".

I connected with my world and I saw the humor,
the idiocies of us as humans,
the ugliness of our deepest desires,
and the childlike tendencies we all hide from.

Imagine your five senses twisting and turning into new senses.
Your hearing nerves attach to your sense of smell.
All of a sudden, sounds have smells.
You can taste things by touching them with your hands and feet.
Your eyes taste the colors you see.

I haven't touched mind enhancing fruit for 20 years now.
But these are things I'll always adore,
and never forget.