Monday, May 8, 2017


Standards come from having no standards.
Because of standardized culture.
It hurts the ones loved most,
Including the self.

But it can be overcome.

If freedom is available,
Be able to roam with happiness in your heart.
Because there shouldn’t be constraints involved.

Shaming others on unused ideals,
Is a misconception of uneducated beliefs.
A manmade perception,
To guilt others of pleasure.

A way of dealing with pain.
Too much pain needs relief.
Faith blinds the weak,
Because there is never freedom in it.

Be free to do as you please.
Not to settle for mediocrity,
Or to expect the unexpected,
Only the undefined is necessary.

Happiness is used as a means to an end,
And used by the disillusioned.
More than money or arrangements,
It's denial.

It's a counterfeit to the mind being truly stable.