Friday, August 11, 2017


Your heart is gold,
and you wear it on your sleeve.

I can't believe I fell in love so quickly,
But let's be honest here.
It's easy for a man like me,
To love everything about a woman like you.

I don't know how long relationships last anymore,
Because of so much divorce and unloyalty.
But I know that as long as I breathe,
I'll dream of being in love with you.

Today is the most joy I've experienced,
Because I got to spend my time with you.
And all I wanna do is take care of you,
Physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially.
If that's all you want too.

I can't believe how such a black heart as myself,
Can feel this way, just on meeting you.

Your kindness, your loving grace.
It's all a man needs to feel appreciated.
And all a man wants is to make his woman
Feel secure and uninhibited around him.

We shared our tattoos, mine about being an outcast,
And yours about saving the world.
I loved you from the start.
I don't care about your past,
Because I want to be your future.

Peace and love.