Monday, August 7, 2017


So pure.
Government provided mind control,

But it's clear.

I have a glass a day.
On weekends I have 8 glasses of beer.
Which is water with extra taste.

Sometimes I have a bottle.
Of water, not beer.
Not too much bottled water though.
I remember 10 years ago,
Having to buy water for 10 cents.

It's as if someone said to themselves,
"What is plentiful and almost free,
That I can charge 10 times for?"

And they did it.
Dasani with their added minerals.
Fiji from Kentucky.
PUR with their activated charcoals.
Water in a Box.
Is everyone ignoring what it is, but me?

I thought we learned lessons of the past.
I guess not.
All this water,
And we're still doomed.

All I do is Hunger and Thirst.
Replenish myself.
Taste is for amateurs.

So Thirsty.
I need Replenishment.