Tuesday, August 8, 2017


I plea for peace.
For myself, my friends, my family.
An Iranian-American is a metaphor.
For the destruction in the world coming to an end.

A Capulet and Montague putting differences aside.
Merging, knowing the differences.
And embracing the dissolution of anger.

I'm born in the United States,
But my soul belongs to Iran.
A two-sided coin,
Dr. Jeckylled and Mr. Hyded.
Without both sides,
The coin would not exist.
And neither would I.

Both sides are Dr. Jeckyll.
And I plea for peace!
Between all nations,
Seeking complete control.

Home is where my family lives,
My family is all over this world.
Most of the world, I've never been.

I'm only half a world away,
From seeing truth.
Too bad I can never go there,
Because of my big mouth.