Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Perception of Advice to No Avail

I'm incredibly creative. I make things out of nothing.

Sometimes I get paid.

I met an agent. He told me he didn’t like my given name. 

Said I should shorten it. Make it more “accessible”. 

I told him I would think about it. 

He’d keep coming up with new names for me, to see if I’d bite. 

Again and again I told him I liked who I was and who I am becoming.

He gave up and we moved on.

I brought a new project to him.

He said it was wonderful, but it wouldn’t sell.

Offered to make me the next big thing if I made less thought-provoking material.

I said I don’t like junk. 

He said my future bank account wouldn’t care.

He gave me a book recommendation on sales and I gave him a recommendation back:

A book on mathematics by a self-taught mathematician.

He said he’d heard of the author.

But he wouldn’t read it because the author didn’t make millions in sales.

I argued that some authors don’t always make millions in sales.

He never got that numbers are an imaginary thing.

He never got me any work but bought me lunch at a fast-food restaurant one time.

Talked about the biggest name in his industry as if they were friends.

I looked them both up on Facebook. They were not friends.

He’s no longer my agent.