Friday, December 29, 2023

Post Modern Economy

I'm seeing landscaping people work in between the rain today

It used to be they'd take the day off and spend it with their families

I'm back in writing mode

Remembering the old ways of our American lifestyle

I forgot how much more quiet it is in my head

While outside my city it's rumbling with fire and anger

From the generally humbled population

Of lesser-known writers and other artists

Labor trends in entertainment

We all work harder and longer

We made it - A Post Modern Economy

While the city is rumbling with fire and anger inside of it

This time it's because of the time

Politics season

So now the people all of a sudden have an opinion

I, of course, am happy with an appetite of a woman's loving embrace

As we enjoy our red wine at the end of the night

Watching from a distance

The yelling man on Santa Monica Boulevard wearing a bra

His insides burn with fire and anger inside of him

If only anyone could understand why he yells at the top of his lungs

In front of the 7-11

While Duran Duran plays on our speakers

"Hold on a minute", I say as I put on my slippers

I grab $10 in cash - the last freedom we have is paper

The yelling man sees me walking up in pajamas

The fire in his eyes cannot be controlled

He begins his salutations to me by screaming in my face

But unknown to him, I can take a punch

I stare him down until he calms like a puppy for just a moment

That's not why I'm here so I bring the cash out

"This is for you," as I wave the money in his face

Without even a blink of his eye, he grabs it

And runs off into the depths of the neighborhood behind us

I go back home and enjoy the quiet of the night once more

At least until a new political season begins or ends.