Thursday, August 7, 2008


I'm almost eighteen,
About to be free.
Legally go to jail,
The system will fail.

You won't stop my fun,
Cause I'm always on the run.
But you were nothing but a flirt,
All you did was hurt.

I've spotted you like all the others before.
Leave me alone you fucking dirty whore.
You better stay away,
You'll be okay.

I know a fake when I see one,
That fake is you.
You hate me?
I hate you too.

You used,
You lose,

Ego trip liar,
I hope you burn in fire.
That is my desire.
Burn witch burn.

Took me for a fool once,
But never again.
I've had enough,
Now its your turn.

Hope you feel that pain,
From being insane.
Not a player for the team,
I must flee from the scene.

Had enough but you keep coming back,
Destroying everything in your path.
You think you are hot,
Guess what?
You're really not.

Bitch Goddess.