Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I rush from work to see her,
She opens the door with interest.
She sees me with her eyes of desire,
I look into her with sensations of fire.

I wait for her to invite me in,
We're both nervous of what to say next.
I want to tell her how much she means to me,
Instead I say she is looking her best.

And of course I ask "Hi, how are you?",
I let her know that I adore her.
We hug and we kiss,
As our lips feel bliss.

I've wanted her to know I now know,
I care more than I thought I could.

She's changed my perceptions,
She's changed my conceptions.

The way I see.
The way I eat.
The way I drink.
The way I sleep.

The way I breathe.