Thursday, August 7, 2008


To my father,

If I were to die,
Would you cry?
Would you be able,
To attend my funeral?

Would you act a little hurt,
While I lay in the dirt?
Money wouldn't last a day with you.

And father I am sad,
All I wanted was you to be my dad.
If I am dead,
My life to you is a book you read.

Would you lose so much,
You just may?
I won't see you more than halfway.

If you don't care,
Why won't you leave?
A father/son team is usually strong.
I haven't had a father in so very long.

We need you more than just plain old me.
That is what makes family work,

Is this how you wish to be remembered?
A soulless being,
A good for nothing?

Father you make me sick,
You're the only father I've never had.
You insist on being a dead beat dad.

I won't treat my family with disrespect.
They deserve at least that.
That is why I'm so honest,
I won't or never will cheat.

I'm a good man,
No one will think of you,
When my name comes up.
Cause we are completely different.

I am made to succeed.
And you only fail because you choose to.
A man without love or warmth in his heart has nothing,
Is nothing.