Thursday, August 7, 2008

Born This Way

You hopes and dreams aren't mine,
A doctor or lawyer is what you will be.
That is to be your life,
Your dream, our dream.

Well mother and father,
I hate to disappoint.
But I found love,
And it feels alright.

This talent is creative,
And its because I'm half you and you.
My words mean so much,
My feelings portrayed mean more.

I'm sorry but money won't,
Will not lessen the pain.
How would I feel without doubt,
How else could I let feelings out?

This is work not a game to play,
You made me I was born this way.
I don't really need you to acknowledge,
I'll never need that sort of knowledge.

Mother and father,
I hate to say it like this,
but some dreams break down,
And wither away.