Tuesday, August 5, 2008


A pen knife in my chest,
I feel no blood.
My mind reloads,
I'm not dead.

I go too fast for even me,
I'm using a hundred percent.
Everywhere I am,
Everywhere I've been.

All that I've seen is nothing,
Compared to what I can do.
My mind reloads,
I've got more to spare.

Till tomorrow at least,
I'll live again and anew.
Each day is life,
And I begin to breathe.

Flex my muscle,
Flex the hustle.
Attack my vein,
Kill the brain.

My doorway into pleasure,
Damn it now.
For good measure,
Scream if you make a sound.

Dream for a reality,
In sleep I stayed.
I saw the future,
Only the one I made.