Monday, August 4, 2008


Class of 2000,
I'm in abandon.
I'm a class of my own,
Calls are free to roam.

My hearts content is what I make,
I'm here standing tall all alone.
I am me, I am not a fake,
Sometimes I want to go back home.

Can't you see,
Whats going on here.
Sense the scent,
The scent of fear.

I'm alone,
But I'm not scared.
I'm scarred!
I've been scarred!
Scarred too much,
Scarred too far.
Too hard.

I don't feel a thing,
Nothing, Anything.

Out of sight,
I forgive.
Out of mind.
I forget.

Its all a dream,
I must've slept.
For way, way too long.

No worries and no regrets,
Life does goes on.
With blood, tears and sweat.

See you here,
See you there.
I'll see you everywhere.

This is my reality,
What I have made.
You see the light I see,
Is my shade.