Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm Dirty

No respect for myself,
I wish to be faithful.
Respected by my peers,
Though they are dull.

A real woman is hard to find,
The rest of us are loose devils
In disguise.

Unwanted pregnancies.
Infecting the population
With malcontent.

Full of myself,
and I'm heartless.
Making life a mess.
Without finesse.
Without caress.

Killed me
With cracked beauty,
My vanity.
I'm dirty.

My body
Willingly given,
But I die alone.
Alone in pain,
Alone in vain,
Love and lies.

I must.
Break the chain,
Break away.
Break free from my lover,
My enemy.

Go back to my loving husband,
Beg for forgiveness.

Issues to disagree,