Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Right now I'm in the middle,
Just a piece of meat.
Torn apart at the edges of my bologna.
It's funny that there is no beginning and no end.

What happened to all the anger we had?
It's gone now.

Well I'm not pulling any punches,
I. Am. Me.
I'll never try to change that.

I'm not a door prize,
Not a goddamn pet.

See, I'm not so bad,
I'm ugly, and I'm fat.
Full of empty calories,
I could bust like a bubble.

I don't have the answers.
No report given,
And no retort back.

No love to give.
No glove is no love,
Well, the gloves are off.

I'm nothing but a sandwich.
Just a fucking sandwich.
Just another sandwich,
On an assembly line.
Fucking eat me.