Thursday, August 7, 2008


Its hard to sleep at night,
Try but my body fights.
Conflict is my best friend,
With love on the other end.

So much rape and abuse.
Whats your tiring excuse?
My right is my might,
That is my delight.

So watch what you say,
And I'll keep my anger all to myself.
Too soon I'm broken,
I tried to be outspoken.

The answer is yes,
We now settle for less.
Why, when, where, and who?
Nobody knows what to do.

I sure won't miss a thing,
What the hell is happening?
Ready, get set, feeling good,
I have never been understood.

My agony in my mind,
It judges me deep,
Judges me blind.
My dirt in a heap.

My time is gone fast,
Soon I'll be dead.
Really I wanted more.

The time has gone today.
Whats left for tomorrow?