Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mary Jane


You made the days go by slow for me,
You taught me to relax.
Taught me to dream my dreams.

You opened me to a world I knew existed.
Freedom and revolutionary thoughts.
You helped me love myself and love others too.

Most of all I learned that you weren't helping me,
By letting me do nothing.
Because I loved you too much.

You were the answer to my problems I never had.
I know your ways aren't your fault,
You are like a drug and I'll always want you.

I have to be honest here,
You've been not that great.
Especially to an addict like me.

You've made my life full of comedy and drama,
So I have to leave you.
Because you were bringing me down.


I may go back to you,
But only for a one night stand.
I can't get emotionally attached to you again.
I hope you understand.