Monday, August 4, 2008

Each Day

Each day I try,
To stay alive.
Its not hard to see,
That we are breathing.

And alive,
A way of life.
Thoughts of being,
A life is being alive.

No more fear,
No more hate,
No regrets.

I shouldn't cry,
I'd like to die.
I am alive.

More insanity,
Each day I try.
I want to be,
Each day I die.

One more chance,
To be free.
I can decide,
Who I was meant to be.

I can see,
I have a destiny.
No more worries,
No more disease.

I cry myself to sleep,
Needing to be something.
Each day I cry,
My hurtfulness advancing.

There is no time,
Nothing is what it seems.
Each day I fly,
Each day is a memory.

There is no shame in poverty.
Can I be denied?
The right for liberty.
It is not implied.

God would cry,
If he knew why,
I cried.
And why I lied.

Into the air I choke.
Into the Earth I lie.
Into God I broke.
Into flames I comply.

I stand up and confess,
Give up hope,
Because of no success,
I must cope.