Monday, August 4, 2008


I've killed my intuition,
But I feel good.
I'm ready to rise above,
Maybe I should.

Promoted to lifelong love,
But full of angst.
Slowly I came to,
Not wanting minimum wage.

Knowing no better,
I felt no shame.
For a guilty conscience,
alas it was all the same.

Stirred up moldy batter,
you've got your mold.
Because no matter,
Apathetic I am told.

Failed to break me down,
Fallen asleep on a cloud.
Overall is the now,
Perception was how.
Been in this mood for years,
Doesn't change me at all.

Nightmares come true,
The free thinking majority.
So good day to you.
My life and soul, my affinity.

Were you saying today?
Never before and always after,
My feelings at bay,
Cause you meant tomorrow.